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    Wright and Rounds?

    Wright and Round are very strong, it has been a part sponsor of the Nationals for the last 2 years, it currently ships over 50,000 red and blue hymn books internationally and has a catalogue (including an imence archive) off over 5,000 pieces of music for brass band. Wright and Round mainly as a...
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    120 Hymns for Brass Band (Red Hymn Book)

    120 hymns The original 120 Hymns for Brass Band (the red hymn book) is now called the extended 120 Hymns for Brass Band (contains 20 extra carols) the name was kept the same so as not to cause confusion. There is a short or full score available. The are also a complete set of wind band band...
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    Granada Band of the Year 73/74

    I played for Stanshawe for five years in the seventies, and I was bumper-up to the infamous Lyndon Baglin (my hero!), if my memory serves me well we started with 'French Military March', then 'Green Grow the Brasses Oh!' (specially written for the band), principal cornet at the time, David...
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    Paddy's Welsh Area - 2013

    I suggest you look back in history and see when Paul Cosh and the present conductor of Cory clashed, maybe foggy and distant but it is there, perhaps in Bristol?
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    The end for Sibelius?

    Music XML converter The latest Sibelius does have a facility to save in xml format . . . but it has not been sufficiently developed, if this is mark 1 they need to get to at least mark 8 for it to be usable. Dolet (now owned by Finale) have been providing an xml converter for Sibelius for...
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    The end for Sibelius?

    I agree with the above Wright and Round have been using Finale for around 20 years (in fact 1.1), and yes feel it is a much better program for general music typesetting than Sibelius. I also agree that Sibelius was rather slow in adopting the MusicXML format. We have a plug-in that saves a...
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    Les Preludes- British Open 2001

    Probably the best analogy is that William Rimmer's was an arrangement and Bram Gay's was more a (but not perfect) transcription ...
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    Les Preludes- British Open 2001

    Yes the original arrangement was by Wiliam Rimmer. Having played both arrangements, Rimmer's can be successfully performed by lower section bands (as it was intended when originally arranged). Brams arrangement is much harder.
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    Acid Brass

    Wright and Round publish three acid brass titles: Let's Get Brutal, Pacific 202 and Voodoo Ray . . .
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    Where are they all?

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    Where are they all?

    trombones . . . well . . . which clef . . . bass clef in C or bass clef in B-flat (for some European "fanfare" bands) . . . treble clef for most British-style brass bands . . . bass clef for orchestras and wind bands . . . or for many earlier publications in tenor clef . . . (a publisher's...
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    Suite Gothique Recording

    The Stanshawe version conducted by the "wee professor" is just outstanding . . . and the finale (with an absolutely staggering Lyndon Baglin on euph . . . he played both parts!) is just wonderful! And of course, the slow movement with Walter Hargreaves in control, is just a masterpiece!!!
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    UK Copyright.

    There is lots of what should, or shouldn't be . . . and perhaps, maybe, this ought to be said . . . Most I have read are (in some sense) personal perspectives . . . and in fact some of them I agree with . . . but the reality is that the time years after a composers "cease of existence" is...
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    Sold/Expired New ... Brass Band Inventory & Tracking Software

    Great idea . . . but a copyright minefield You should really check out various copyrights . . . you may be be in for a major shock and compensation claim . . . OUCH!!!!
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    Required: Blue Bell of Scotland (Pryor/Sparke), euph solo

    Blue Wright and Round publish a full band set of Pryor's Blue Belles for trombone and full band arranged by derek broadbent . . . . think Brett Baker has recorded it . . .