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    Romford SA Band @ Williamstown, South Wales 12th May 2007

    I understand that the band now numbers 4 and so I suspect that there will be a second trombone no longer!
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    Romford SA Band @ Williamstown, South Wales 12th May 2007

    Romford SA band will be presenting a 'big band' night at Williamstown Salvation Army, Penygraig, South Wales at 7pm on May 12th. The programme will feature big band style music from composers including Glenn Miller, Jerome Kern, Manning Sherwin, Len Ballantine and William Himes.
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    Why do people sing Carols so slow?

    On Remembrance Sunday in Romford we accompany the singing at the centotaph which is quite a big affair. The choir from the parish church sing an anthem and the band play some music during the endless laying of wreaths. The service closes with Cwm Rhondda and after the service the choir master...
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    Who heard the ISB at Hadleigh?

    I heard the ISB on both Saturday and Sunday. Enjoyed both programmes but my preference was for the repertoire used on Sunday (something of a retrospective view of SA music). The quality of the playing was high all weekend. Sitting in 2 different places my perception of the volume was...
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    Salvation Army and banders

    As the bandmaster at Romford, I would be happy to see any of them at Romford band practice! Interesting we have only this week been having some discussion about doing something together in the future and strangely there seems to be no sense of tension/fear of mass conversion strategy, just a...
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    Salvation Army and banders

    I have read this thread with interest, some alarm (relating to the more extreme views expressed at either end of the spectrum) and now tired eyes (due to the length of the thread). However, to add to the length if not the interest, my views would include the following: 1. There seems to be a...
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    SA music - minor or forgotten classics

    Interesting you should mention this. In my band I have put out an open invite for any of the players who wish to conduct a favourite piece. The first volunteer chose Pakefield and did it for the first time last week. I had never heard it before but really rate it after just one hearing. It has a...
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    Matt / Frosted finish on instruments.

    How many people used to play an Imperial? Happy days!
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    Glorifico Aeternum and ISB...

    No, Ross Berry and John Brooks, its about some SA people DID get off the fence and make their comments known. Its very easy to play the "holier than thou" trump card. You HAVE to have an opinion, and realise that its very easy to hide in behind a very insular view. There is a world of music...
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    Glorifico Aeternum and ISB...

    You are true; however, once again it has drifted into a debate off-topic that does no credit to anybody. The merits of a particular piece have turned into an opportunity to: 1. air chips on shoulders; 2. SA bash; 3. debate the merits of contemporary christian expression; and 4. border...
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    Wonder Brass and Bancroft's singers

    In concert 23rd April 2005, 7.30pm at St Mary's Church, Woodford High Road. Admission free with a collection towards the Redbridge Night Shelter. Concert to include: Gloria - John Rutter Cortege from Mlada - Rimsky-Korsakov Sonata Pian e Forte - Gabrieli Wonder Brass are an...
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    Brass on TV and radio at Christmas

    Casualty@Holby City My favourire banding moment was when the hospital was still blowing up after the tanker crashed into it and people were being dragged out of the blazing building, they finished with a small SA group strolling through the emergency services playing carols.
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    British Bandsman Editor thread

    Nice to see that after pages of rubbish, we finally get round to mentioning something connected to the theme of the thread. Although I am very concerned that being connected to Whitburn we might start to see lots of propaganda extoling the virtues of Whitburn. Then again maybe he has a...
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    Sold/Expired Personalised plates - Euphonium players

    My Euphonium partner in the band is selling his car and personalised plates. The plates are H1 3UPH. If anyone is interested in the plates, I am happy to pass on your details.
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    Does the conducting 'bug' exist?

    Definitely is a bug. I have not conducted properly for a couple of years and am definitely twitchy about it at the moment. You find yourself listening to groups and thinking things like.... I would have done that differently, or I wonder how the band would get on with that?