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    Soprano mouthpiece's - unlocking the mystery

    I believe that Dennis Wick makes a mouthpiece for a Sop. I think it is about the same as 5B. More importantly you need to find a mouthpiece that has a similar rim width as the one you have been using (if you were playing Bb cornet) Otherwise you are basically developing a new shape...
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    Playing worries

    I think they are giving you a bit of a scare - talking about nerve damage anb blood clots. Your lip is a muscle and the more you use it - like any muscle the stronger it gets. Your embouchure is just the area you have strengthened around your mouthpiece. Obviously the higher up your top lip...
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    The best Trumpet models

    trumpet selection I would agree that the Bach Strad is a very good choice, however I have had the opportunity to play on a professional trumpet by F.E. Olds. I considered this to be a very good instrument. I'm not sure of the availability of these within UK, as they are US made, but would...