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    Is it too early......

    St. Magnus it is then.
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    Four Word Story

    of the dog's tail
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    Holme Valley Contest

    Skelmanthorpe are going in top section.
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    Brighouse's Performance of Breath of Souls

    Check out Quite a few performances on there.
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    Idea for new contest.

    Great idea - so long as every test piece was a new commission that no band had ever played before. Could be a fantastic opportunity to stimulate the creation of lots of new music. On the other hand, how many composers would really want their efforts to be used and/or abused in this way?
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    Paddy's Spring Festival - 2011

    What about the guy who was in the box with him?
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    National Finals 2011 - test piece rumours

    How about: C - Dove Descending - Wilby 1st- Images - McCabe 2nd - Forest of Dean - Bourgeoise 3rd - Kaleidoscope - Sparke 4th - The Journeyman - RSA
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    ? Some Championship Bands not up to scratch !

    I'm not clear how this would work. Presumably the top 20 British Bands in the Elite section would be decided on the basis of one of the ranking tables. Does this mean that virtually the same bands bar the one to be relegated and the one promoted each year would contest the national Finals year...
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    National Finals 2011 - test piece rumours

    I would love to see some Arthur Butterworth in somewhere. Would Odin be too tricky for first section bands? One thing's for sure, there won't be anything like Birtwhistle's Grimethorpe Aria given the evident necessity to get bums on seats.
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    Accurate Gradings? - Record the Regionals, and help Adjudicators help the Bands

    I would have expected no less John and it's credit to you both for your thorough preparation. Looking back, I don't think I expressed my point on this matter clearly enough in my initial comment. Whilst you, and other adjudicating pairs who were fortunate enough to share a box in Yorkshire, had...
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    Accurate Gradings? - Record the Regionals, and help Adjudicators help the Bands

    What? No results on the day? What about the drama, the sense of expectation, the agony and the ecstasy, the joy and incredulity? I totally agree with and support your suggestion that all Area contests should follow Yorkshire's lead and record all performances. However, I don't think this...
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    Brighouse - winning performance - Pagannini

    Many thanks to AngloMP for your reply. My interest in this is purely 'academic' and not at all professional, I ought to say. To Tubaloo, I'm largely in agreement with you - it certainly shouldn't matter. Recordings posted on the internet are potentially a wonderful way of promoting and keeping...
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    Brighouse - winning performance - Pagannini

    As Donna and Bassintheballroom perceptively suggested, you have indeed read far more into my lines than was ever intended or indeed actually there to be read between. I found Fodens' reading of the piece 'interesting' because it's one of the paciest I've ever heard and although it was very...
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    Brighouse - winning performance - Pagannini

    Interesting to listen to Fodens' winning performance on Is such posting of recordings legal, by the way? Who owns the rights to the recordings - the band, the composer, the recording company (if indeed it was recorded by an officially...
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    Brighouse - winning performance - Pagannini

    Further to the issue of clip count mentioned by Mr Shuttleworth, with whose sentiments I heartily concur, did any euphonium player escape unscathed in the solo and cadenza section of Paganini (I know I didn't)? Presumably Mr Dodd did.