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    Nantwich Concert Band

    Nantwich now only require a couple of cornet players to complete our brass section. We rehearse every Wednesday at 7:15pm. We're in Nantwich, Cheshire just a couple of miles from J16 of the M6. If you're interested, please contact me on or 07743719999.
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    Nantwich Concert Band

    The Nantwich Concert Band has vacancies for: Principal Trombone (bass clef) & 1st Cornet. We are based in Nantwich in Cheshire and we only rehearse once a week every Wednesday. There are a couple of other positions within the wind section so please do feel free to have a look at our...
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    Nantwich and District Concert Band

    Only want to rehearse once a week? The Nantwich and District concert band are currently looking to recruit the following: cornet, euphonium and Eb bass. We rehearse once a week every Wednesday in Nantwich, Cheshire at 19:15. Please contact Rob Stevenson for more info on...
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    No, normally they put the full positions of all of the bands, but the ones that haven't qualified, so the bands that haven't done 6, get put in alphabetical order under the qualified bands, so they at least see where they came at that individual village.
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    Fair enough, I'm sure something will be sent through the post eventually.... but as I say, normally for the last few years, it has been put on their website within a couple of days of the contest... just wondered if it was going to be done again, thats all...
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    Is there anywhere, where we can see the full list of positions for the villages for the bands that didn't do at least 6 villages? In the past these were added on at the end of the qualified positions. All I can see for our band (Crewe Brass) is what I can only assume to be points? But cannot...
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    Cheshire Deps

    Play for a band in the Cheshire area?? Looking for a dep?? Feel free to advertise on the Cheshire Brass Band deps facebook group.
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    Fancy some free music?

    Just had a look on your web site for the first time, I'm very impressed with the varied selection on offer for brass band!! A definite like on facebook :)
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    Paddy's North-West Area - 2012

    Just a quick message to wish everyone good luck on Sunday!! Will hopfully see all of you in the bar at some point!! :D
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    Brass at the guild who's going

    Results Hey, is there any results out yet? :clap:
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    Vacancies @ Co-op2000

    Co-op2000 still have a vacancy for a 1st horn, Kit/Tuned Perc players. We are a 2nd section band based in Crewe 5 mins from J16 M6. Ideal position for any uni students coming over to Crewe or Staffs. Come visit us on facebook...
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    Vacancies @ Co-op2000

    Co-op2000 would like to recruit a committed Back row Cornet, 1st Horn, Kit Percussion and a Tuned Percussion player. We rehearse in Crewe, 5 minutes from J16 M6. For more information please contact Rob Stevenson at
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    Audley Brass, Midlands, 4th Section, vacancies

    I fully agree, I used to play for Audley years ago and have helped them out since, great bunch of people!!
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    Your Band's web presence

    Only 526 for Bactiguard Wire Brass...... not bad I suppose as the band hasn't been going that long!
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    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Listening to the Killers album..... gotta get away from brass sometimes!!! :eek: