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    2015 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    I didn't hear Fodens and haven't heard the recording of their performance, which many people said was great! Interested to hear how their reading of this particular piece was more orchestral than the other bands there?
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    CD - 25 years of the European Brass Band Championships

    I've got most of the tracks on my iTunes, if you would like me to send you them let me know.
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    Welcome to the Real World Al!

    How many were there?
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    pBone vs real trombone

    This is all interesting, thanks folks! I think based on the strength of what people are saying I'll put in a bid to buy some.
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    pBone vs real trombone

    Question for the brass teachers out there: I'm considering buying a set of pBones (and maybe pTrumpets) for my school. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a good idea or whether I should spend a bit more and get 'real' instruments? They are mostly going to be used with younger kids...
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    How much do you like contesting?

    Actually, I see what you mean, fair point!
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    How much do you like contesting?

    You can't call something like that 'cheating' as in the vast majority of situations one player is not going to make much (if any) difference to a band's result. For example, if the band in question were plauing Year of the Dragon and they'd got this chap in to nail the trombone solo but the rest...
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    Soprano cornet parts

    Surely there will have to be a reform of the law before long given how fast technology is advancing? Makes me glad I gave up a career in IP law before it was too late! I know lots of musicians who now just play off their iPads - most of them say the main driver behind this is the dramatic...
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    Soprano cornet parts

    Apart from the fact that a lot of players like playing it, and a lot of audiences love it......
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    Soprano cornet parts

    Just out of interest, what would you do if, on the morning of a concert, a player in your band misplaced a part for a piece on the programme but knew someone that had a scan of that part and could email it to them to print off so you could still play the piece with all parts intact?
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Why the vitriol towards top section bands, Ian?
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    Flowers Band Radio 3 Friday 4th July 4.30pm

    The quality of the recording wasn't great, balance was all over the shop (not the band's fault!).
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    frustration on re-starting cornet

    Have you also considered possibly moving to another instrument with a larger mouthpiece? During those decades off your chops will have changed and it may be now you are more naturally suited to a bigger instrument - as another poster said after 6 months you shouldn't be having to squeeze out...
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    Prestige Promotions, are they the team ?.

    No probs :) Not sure if you saw, but NM Print's online brochure states that NM Print is a trading name (as you guessed) of NM Creations - on the last page.
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    Prestige Promotions, are they the team ?.

    Not sure why you're looking for all this, but the company which is NM Print is Companies House number 6093068.