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    The FIRST WorldWide Brass Band Challenge are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring and hosting the FIRST WorldWide Brass Band Challenge. All details can be found from a link on The Entry Fee Includes the price and purchase of the test piece which is aimed at UK Level Top...
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    anybody NOT going to the Whits??

    It's a bit too far for me to go this time..... No doubt a good (and drunken) time will be had by all (or at least, most people... over 18 of course :) ) Mark :D
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    I met Kylie on a couple of occassions, so my thoughts are with her, and I wish her a very speedy recovery. She's a strong person, so should get through this..... Mark :D
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    Why do we do it

    I can certainly relate to that one ! :lol: Maybe I should take up the Piccolo.... hmmmmm
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    Richard Evans

    Having played under Dick on more than several hundred occasions, I can safely say that his reputation does preceed him... :lol: I would certainly advertise the fact to all bands in your area (and even those further away)... You never know... he might even "volunteer" his services in a...
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    What car do you drive??

    Being a Brit now living in the US, we just have to "play" :D I'm getting a min of 22MPG, and about 29MPG on longer runs (It's a V8, and actually works on half the engine when it's cruising... Very Clever really !)..... bear in mind that the price of fuel here is alot cheaper than the UK...
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    What car do you drive??

    I'm playing in a Chrsyler 300c, 5.7litre Hemi, with 360BHP at the mo :D BTW.... It's Silver :wink:
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    Sold/Expired Free quintet music needed

    And of course, you'll find some FREEBIES here: :D Mark :D
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    Sold/Expired For Musicians with Lips!!

    Hello Fellow Musicians ! We at have been added as an Authorised Dealer for This is a Natural Lip Care Product formulated by Musicians, for Musicians (well, everyone who needs their lips at least !) The Retail Price for this is $4.95 + Postage...
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    Brass Band of Central Florida

    Please Check out WWW.BBCF.NET the Brass Band of Central Florida's website, who are looking for a small sponsorship to go to the British Open in September of 2005 as Invited Guests. In addition to his position as Musical Director for the Brass Band of Central Florida, Mr. Garasi also serves...
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    Brass Band Contest Calendar

    Thanks for your help so far guys... :D
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    Brass Band Contest Calendar

    Does anybody know where I can find a "Contest Calendar" for Brass Bands for the whole of the UK ? I'm wanting to know when, where and who (sections will do.. don't need all the bands :) ) contests take place. If anybody can help, I'd appreciate it. Either reply on here, PM me, or email...
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    This 'Ole House
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    BRASS BAND AMERICA: Now you HAVE a choice !

    BRASS BAND AMERICA: More Information Before anybody else starts jumping to conclusions, please take the time and effort to read the additional information and news about "BRASS BAND AMERICA" All this can be found here: Thank you.
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    International Trombone Association Journal are proud to have teamed up with the International Trombone Association, and are now offering the entire back catalogue of their wonderful journal ! New issues being added all the time, but please feel free to buy "the story so far" here...