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    Music for youth festival, Birmingham

    hi does anybody know what the reults of the schools section was? i Know smithills got the outstanding award where there any others given out?
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    Band competitions for uni bands?

    hi just seen this thread we are looking to set up a university barss band competition check out our post or visit
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    British Universities Brass Band Festival

    sorry what is 2006 and not 2005?
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    British Universities Brass Band Festival Dear All im sorry to see nobody has posted anything on this mssage board I am how ever gratefull that there has been some interester from somr top university barss bands if you would like to check out whos coiming or any other info...
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    British Universities Brass Band Festival

    wrong email address I would like to appologise the email address I posted was wrong the correct email address is sorry to those who may have emailed but could you email again to this address. Thank you
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    British Universities Brass Band Festival

    Do you play in a University Brass Band? If you do please read on!! There are many good university brass bands through out British universities, however, due to the fact that many players are signed to local bands, these bands rarely get the chance to showcase their talents. We would like...
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    Best Youth Bands

    Wardle used to be a great band, well when there werent so many youth bands about. I was there five years ago and the bands where ok. Most of you know they have a band for every year plus a youth band, senior band and old peoples band. As good as it is that they get most of the children involved...
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    Wilkinson Northern Open Results

    Northop on the up and up Well done to the guys and girls at Northop. I really enjoyed myfirast contest with you.... you bunch of doubters. This is definitly a new upward trend!!!
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    tuba mouthpieces

    hi I have just started playing tuba again after a few years away. im would like to improve my quality of sound and overall playing, i realiase that this takes practice but also think a new mouthpiece may help me. has anybody got ne suggestions for a good one? thankyou
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    Joining a brass band in the liverpool area

    Hi I am a student at liverpool university. I have been out of banding for a few years and am looking to start again. I play the tuba eitther sort. I would love to join a band in the liverpool area. If there are any spaces in your band could you get back to me. Thanks
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    joining a band - Liverpool Area

    hi I am medical student in liverpool looking to get bak into a band. is it possible for me to post a request about bands in the area and if there are any vacancies. i see that bands can advertise for players,,, can players advertise for bands?