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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    Just a few more Few more that are rubbish, Abide with me.......................... (in fact all hyms) Geibel Iolanthe Merry wives ov winsor Claire de lune Mephistopheles & finally DOYEN :twisted:
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    What are the worst pieces you played???

    Music Indiana Jones & Batman There both boring. :x :x
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    What band do you play for?

    Band I play percussion for Dronfield Brass Nr. Chesterfield.
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    Kit Percussionists

    Answer Hi I'm a percussionis in a 3d section band, but our old conuctor plays in a chapinon section band and i found out that bands are looking for all round percussionists eg tuned, untuned, glock etc. BUT be warned if you make a mistake in a concert eg drop a stick or dont deaden a timp...