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    "Boobs & Brass" Concert 9th November

    Saturday 9th November at The Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering also featuring the Ian Bufton Big Band Tickets £12 available from All proceeds will go towards Breast Cancer Campaign - Boobs & Brass have now raised over £109,000 for BCC since 2006 & only need £1321 to...
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    Musical Director required for Rushden Town Band, Midlands Area 3rd Section

    Vacancy for Musical Director: Rushden Town Band, based in Rushden, Northamptonshire, is a friendly and sociable 3rd section band and is looking for an experienced Musical Director to help us reach our full potential. We have regular bookings for fetes, parks and concerts; therefore someone who...
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    Bb Bass for Boobs & Brass at Whit Friday Marches

    "Boobs & Brass" are short of a Bb Bass player for the Whit Friday March contest - we will be rehearsing at 3pm at the Premier Inn in Denton before taking to the road! Please let us know if you can help us:)
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    RUSHDEN TOWN BAND - Vacancies

    At the moment Rushden Town Band (3rd Section Midlands Area) has a full complement of players but will shortly require bass players to replace 2 going to college this year. We rehearse at 8pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Rushden WMC, Griffith St, Rushden, Northants NN10 0RL. We have a manageable...
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    "Boobs & Brass" with The Fodens Band

    Today's the day! Still a few tickets left - it's going to be a wonderful concert!:clap:
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    "Boobs & Brass" with The Fodens Band

    Saturday 17th November 2012 7.30pm at the Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering, Northamptonshire "Boobs & Brass" with The Fodens Band Tickets £15 from - all proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Campaign :) For further details about this Northamptonshire based...
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    "Boobs and Brass" had an excellent result on the night - £465 collected by the "Boob Crew", a £50 donation & £200 in CD sales - all going to Breast Cancer Campaign. Many thanks to everyone who cheered us on, we had a wonderful time!
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    Boobs & Brass in Concert

    Forgot to mention that this is also the night when our new CD will be launched. "More than Brass" will cost £10 - with every penny going to Breast Cancer Campaign For further details please check out
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    Boobs & Brass in Concert

    Saturday 19th November 2011 7.30pm at the Lighthouse Theatre, Kettering, Northamptonshire "BandBooble" featuring Boobs and Brass conducted by John Hudson with the Rhapsody Chorus & guest singers Tickets £10 from - all proceeds will go to...
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    Getting back to playing after an impact injury

    plenty of red wine might do the trick - but don't expect too much sympathy from the rest of your section! Totally self inflicted & you are old enough to know better ;):)
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    Royal Mile Suite - Eratta

    now published here:
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    Grimethorpe Colliery

    & here are the photos to prove it!!
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    Who is going to Butlins? (2010)

    Boobs & Brass at Butlins Check out our website for details of Boobs & Brass at Butlins. A very pink weekend with lots of fund raising & entertainment - we are all looking forward to it very much! :tongue::redface:
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    Bodmin band room

    This happened to our band (Rushden Town) in 2006. It was very shocking at the time - we lost numerous instruments, uniforms, music, photos etc. We were very grateful that nobody was hurt. However, the banding world was incredibly...