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    Moving up the sections with one band

    Wantage have moved through all the sections to arrive this year as Area Winners Champ section. There are still people in the band who were playing back in the day....
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Odin is a good choice as Seascapes too, another one lost in time..all pieces Desford won on...
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    ?? Dave?! having listened to 6 mins of it..its harder than St M….!
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    I think it should be a good a hard test.
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    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

    What I was getting at is that I think it might look bad for the rwcmd to have been beaten by the local brass band. An amateur ensemble. I'm not saying the players from the rwcmd should be torn to shreds by their tutors over the result. But having seen the final, if you were a student looking to...
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    L&SC Areas 2014

    ...the aim is to get 12 bands in the Champ section...:)
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    Paddy's London & Southern Counties Area - 2013

    Here is our perf, quite pleased with it really. I think they have improved every year that's the main thing!
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    Paddy's London & Southern Counties Area - 2013

    Yep... :) QUOTE=cornetcheese;834887]I can definitely say that we didn't have 1 player on stage who was a "dep" or brought/bought in for the contest. Every player on stage was a subscription-paying member of the band who comes to rehearsals week in, week out. I'm pretty sure there are other...
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    "Grimethorpe Colliery Band in danger of folding" ?

    Desford in the 90's did a huge amount..fri,sat,sun concerts..sometimes we did 2 on the sat..! No players were paid to play.
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    National Brass Band Championships of England

    I like the overseas bit as I feel that a few bands have exploited this in the past...
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    4br Coverage of Regionals

    No, I can't see any either...London Area not important enough...
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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2012 few bands......!
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    Is it cheating to borrow players for contests? 4bars think so

    yes i see that..but the point i was making was, I guess bad luck on the bands that didnt try and get a dep on a solo spot...:(
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    Is it cheating to borrow players for contests? 4bars think so

    hmmm "The rules stated that up to four players could be borrowed but not to play in principal positions or as a soloist unless agreed prior to the contest by the organisers. If thats what was written to the bands then I would be very mad if bands then got players in when I shuffled and...
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    Is it cheating to borrow players for contests? 4bars think so

    :clap: agreed..and i thought Redbridge got someone out of retirment to cover sop? or something like that...following those rules...?