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    Do you think the move to a Kapitol Owned registry is Good, Bad or . . . . .

    I am not 100% sure, but the "normal" registry I think
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    Do you think the move to a Kapitol Owned registry is Good, Bad or . . . . .

    Farnworth & Walkden band held their AGM last night. The question was put as to whether register or reject this new system. The decision made is that the band will NOT be registering with the new registry, and therefore announces it will not be competing at the areas in 2013. The band...
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    Cornet and Horn required for the 18th of June

    We need a cornet and horn player for Saturday morning to play a quartet gig. It will pay and it is for 30 mins near Manchester city centre. Please contact me on 0777 231 0721 if you can help. Many thanks
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    Tyldesley Band require a percussionist

    Tyldesley Band is advertising 2 percussionist seats to complete the band line up. The band has bid farewell recently to one of the best percussionists the band has had for a while, and now we need to fill his and another seat due to myself moving onto the Bass section. Tyldesley is well...
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    Hi, apologies, it is the Lorne Barry piece. I will keep digging around the local SA bands and if needs be I will have to buy it. Don't want to come across as frugel, but wedding budgets seem to be a bottomless pit at the best of times. Thankfully the band has already got The Lost Chord for...
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    What's Happened at Fodens?

    I apologise in advance for this reply, but the comittee at Foden's consider the matter "closed" and surely it should be left there. Band politics have been responsible for many a band member leaving a band and sadly many a band closing down. There are real people involved in this and surely...
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    Besson Eb Prestige rumour

    The rumour mill is working overtime up north with rumours circulating about Besson developing a prestige tuba. I have emailed our UK rep to no avail. The biggest question of why is also circulating. As in, where would you put the trigger? etc etc etc Does anyone else have any info on this...
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    Variations on "Maccabeus" (Kevin Norbury)

    Take into account this years 1st section area test piece. A Moorside Suite, although on paper doesn't look challenging, a lot of bands failed to make the grade. Don't look only at the difficulty. i am sure an adjudicator would love to hear a piece played well. Maccabeus has a few tricky...
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    Does anyne have a copy of Credo that can be borrowed for a wedding in August. the middle section the piece is being used for the entrance of the bride. Many thanks
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    It has worked and I am Extremely grateful Many thanks
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    Arthritic chest pain and playing

    Shaz, Although Arthritic pain in the chest area isn't as common as your extremeties eg fingers hands and feet, it is relatively common. However I would seek a second opinion. It is a silly as saying someone who exercises should stop because it is bad for them. I hope this helps Railton
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    Can anyone help me? I have tried 5 times now to put Cory's The Promised Land Cd onto my Ipod (other Mp3 players are available). Everytime it goes onto to iTunes, The year of the dragon gets split up and the 1st movement ends up as track number 7. I have spoken with Apple store and...
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    Areas 2009.

    Circumcision was one of the best test pieces for that section for a few years. There was no room for hiders. Although I think Vinter will haunt many bandsmen for a good few years. Good stuff - Looks like a good selection for 2009's test pieces.
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    Sold/Expired ISB CD - Blazon - Wish to buy!

    Greatest of respect to WoB. I look forward to getting it onto my ipod
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    Percussionist North West / UK

    I'm available to do any concert work and some contest work. I mainly work on Kit and Timps. Previous bands include Besses, Tyldesley to name a few. I live in Bolton, Lancs but will travel (expenses required). All that I ask is that you understand that I work shifts for the ambulance...