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    Hexham Brass vacancies

    Ahhhh! Tuesday could be a problem. I work with the Gateshead Schools Music Service on Tuesdays, &, quite often don't get home till 7.30. Do you rehearse any other nights? Ron
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    Hexham Brass vacancies

    Ron Macdonald How about an old Gaggie with his own Eb bass?
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    Yep, just receivedit, from 'Jonnyoem'. AVG stopped it & a full scan revealed no infection.
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    Tuba Vacancy in Chicago

    Tempting.....................very tempting.....................but a HELL of a long way from Northumberland. Don't tell my wife, though. She might send me. Good luck with your search. Ron Macdonald p.s. Nothing to do with burgers.
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    Do I have the dumbest housemate ever?

    Of course you are, petal. I'm a bit like that with Haggis, & I'm a Scot.
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    Michael Jackson

    I feel a bit sorry for him. O.K. he's a bit, well, odd, but is is his fault? He's a bit like Peter Pan, or is it Tinkerbell??
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    Do I have the dumbest housemate ever?

    Er......... How do you scramble eggs?? p.s. I'm a whole lot older than 21.
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    Malt Whisky

    Only once had 'Ardbeg.' It was a 28 year old that I found in Germany. Went down like velvet.......landed like concrete. I could get to like concrete.
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    banged my head on a giant willy

    I've got to ask.......How do you know what a giant willy looks like?????
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    Malt Whisky

    Single Malts I think it really has to be 'Isle of Jura.' It has the peaty, slightly smokey flavour, with just a hint of seaweed. Following that, virtually any of the good speysides. 'Glenfiddich', although being the best marketed malt, is still a young one, at 8 years old. The only...
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    Mutes for Tubas?

    Have you tried a dead sheep??
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    Airline Intercom Messages

    Heard many years ago, on a flight from Penang to Singapore...... "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain. There is no cause for alarm." Then he switched the damn thing off.
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    Mary had a little lamb............the midwife took early retirement. What's the opposite of inept? Can you be ept?
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    Roll Call - Durham Miner's Gala

    OUCH!!! I have a vague recollection of lipstick, eye liner, a VERY large percussionist and some damaged ribs. :oops:
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    What band do you play for?

    I used to play (well, at least blow) for Ovington Tynedadale, till it went down the pictures. Now available for anyone prepared to offer me vast sums of money (at least 30 bob) to blow down a double B for a bit.