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    The tMP Copyright Fact Sheet

    Is the temporary link on The tMP Copyright Fact Sheet broken as I cannot access it? If so is it possible to send it to me as an email Attachment? Many thanks, Keith
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    Dentist wanted in North East

    Thanks for your reply. I will pass your information on to my colleague for his consideration. Keith Quinn Sunderland
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    Dentist wanted in North East

    Thanks very much Jim, I will pass on the details. I did not know you were Jimmy on tMP. Thanks Keith Quinn
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    Dentist wanted in North East

    I am enquiring on behalf of a colleague Trombone player for a dentist within reasonable travelling distance of Sunderland. Basically he has had all his teeth removed and is finding difficulties with his dentures as they keep working loose! He has tried several brands of fixing paste/powder but...
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    Dr Roy Newsome

    We have lost a wonderful man without any airs or graces. Without doubt he will be remembered for his tremendous contribution to the brass band movement.
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    Glynn Parry Hammonds Sauce Works Band

    Hi - A list of all Euphonium solo recordings on LP by Glynn Parry can be found on the following link: - Hope this is helpful Keith Quinn
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    Ouston, Pelton & District Community Brass Band

    As part of our policy of committed growth we are now extending our membership policy to include players of all age groups. The band was formed in 2007 and we currently have over 70 eager youngsters who regularly rehearse in six School bands. Rehearsals are held on Saturday mornings and...
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    Maisie Wiggins MBE!

    Very well deserved excellent news. I believe that she taught David Daws and Mat Baker as well as many others. Keith Quinn
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    Using 4th valve

    Chris I think this excellent chart will give you all the information you are looking for: - Keith
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    Maurice Murphy has died :-(

    This is very sad news indeed about the passing of Maurice. He always was my favourite player from the time I heard him play Le Roi D'Ys with Black Dyke. His cornet and trumpet playing was only equalled by his modesty, sincerity and love of life. I see that his age is given as 74 on...
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    Maurice Bale

    Peter, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. My thoughts are with you and all members of your extended family. Keith Quinn Sunderland
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    Mr Alaric Knight R.I.P.

    Very sad news indeed. Alaric was a true gentleman as well as being THE mouthpiece plating expert. He will be sadly missed by all of his friends in the brass band movement.
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    Celebrities who have played brass instruments

    Rowland Jones Yes, you are correct Ian - Rowland was Solo Euphonium in Black Dyke Mills and then became a famous opera singer. Keith Quinn
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    West Pelton Community Brass Band

    I attended the concert last year and enjoyed a tremendous night of entertainment. The playing of the young children was excellent, considering that they had only recently started playing, and the Grimethorpe small group of players were in great form. We hear so much about the demise of lower...
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    Aaron Vanderweele & NYSB

    Aaron Vanderweele I have just received an email message from NYSB to say that Aaron is taking a leave of absence from the band. I hope that it is not too long before he resumes his position, because he is both a brilliant Euphonium soloist as well as an artist within the band. Keith Quinn