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    Searching for youth/unregistered band contests

    Hello all, Flowers Youth Band were formed in February 2008, after nearly a year of hard work we are entering our first conest in January and are looking for more to enter. Has anyone any suggestions for any youth band/unregistered band contests that are commutable within the day from...
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    Whos The Best Bass Player favourite tuba soloist and teacher could be somebody altogether very different ;)
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    Best Bass Trombone Player!!!!

    Andrew Williams (Cory) got to be my favourite, wonderful sound.
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    Whos The Best Bass Player

    For me the best current brass band tuba player is Les Neish, phenomenal!!!! I have always admired Tony Nash (BBb bass player ex-sunlife) for me one of the best players there has ever been style, sound, technicality...the full package. Listen to old Sun Life recordings and you'll see what I...
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    What was your first solo?

    Ha ha ha snap, brings back memories. I played this not long after I had started playing, 1992 with Rednock School Band in my hometown Dursley.
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    PolySteel Band Radio Documentary

    And I thought your voice was more suited to silent movies. Can't wait to hear your Glawsterr tones on the airwave....maybe a career in media is calling!!!!!!!! Congrats Weenie Jones Band archivist, principal triangulist, van driver and voice of the PolySteel Band
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    Christmas Music Suggestions Please

    You can always try Philip Harpers arrangement of Sleigh Ride or a fantastic piece called Yule Dance (a christmas selection done in a sort of Riverdane style hence the title). Also Candlelight Carol a beautiful piece. Think they are all available from Wright & Round. My band actually did a...
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    "Granada" cornet feature

    Hi, Try contacting Wright and Round music publishers sure they do this. Telephone 01452 523438
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    Who is going to Bugle this year?

    Bugle I'll be there for a listen again this year.......just hope the weather is as good as last year!!!!!! See you there AJ
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    Lydney Band, Gloucestershire - vacancies

    Don't think I can help as am in a higher section but am hoping to go for the weekend (work depending). Went last year and stopped with my friends band, Hayle, great weekend. You'll love it!!
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    Butlins - Results

    So much that you repeated the joy at Gateshead!!!! Thanks for that AJ. See you at the area in March PS for those that are interested, not sure whether Beyond the Tamar is published yet but would try Wringht & Round music publishers as a first port of call.
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    Lydney Band welcome Tim Cooper

    Hello Neil and the rest of the band, Good news on appointing a new conductor, congrats. Hopefully I will be at the GBBA Ents contest in a couple of weeks. Good luck.
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    Yeovil Entertainment Contest 2006

    Hello guys, am really looking forward to Yeovil Contest, is always a cracking day out. See you there.
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    'Official' Brass In Concert thread

    PolySteel (Flowers) played 'Beyond the Tamar' by Philip Harper. 7 movements inspired by different counctries around the world. Can only repeat what has been said before, fantastic venue, fantastic organisation and a fantastic day out. Great to catch up with so many people.
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    Bass solo

    Depends exactly how cheesy you're prepared to so 'Swiss Air' by Roy Newsome (I think) is pure unadulterated stinky stilton at it's best. It is variations on Wooden Heart with a boogie-woogie ending.......more Elvis than German folk song!!!!! Andante and Rondo (Cappuzzi) was one of my fav's...