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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2012

    :clap::clap: Me too Paddy 1 trillion virtual quid on EYMS before you come to your senses and change the odds!!!! ;):D:D
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    2009 RAH Final 17/10/09

    CERTAINLY WAS:clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    2009 RAH Final 17/10/09

    mystified Hi All, Just wondered if there were any views out there about our performance? :confused: 4bars rest seemed to like it. :clap: We know there were a few clips and blips but it seems 4br and the men in the box were at opposite ends of the spectrum on this one. Did we do something...
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    Brass In Concert 2008

    Beer on you then Gaz!!:clap:
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    No changes to Euph section at EYMS...

    Somewhat lacking in the editing department on several counts methinks!!! Or as a well known Musical Director was heard to say "As accurate as the printing of that new test piece!":clap::clap::clap:
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    National Championships of Great Britain - Qualifying Bands - Championship Section

    :clap: Dear Mr Orange, (Agent to your friends) I can only say that you were AWESOME!:clap: !!:clap: !!:clap: !! :clap: Those who missed the performance are the poorer for it but they will never know! ps Just going to make a cuppa, one lump or two???
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    Fred Muscroft

    Fred A true gent and a magician on Cornet and trumpet. One of an ever dwindling group of "Bandsmen" in every sense of the word. Please post details of the funeral when known.
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    Cornet player moving to Worcester

    boo hoo Kat sad to see you`re going back darn sarf:(
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    How do you find the price of music from Obrasso?

    Its an abreviation for Happy New Year Chiefy:clap:
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    Pontins 2006

    I was thinking more "Nor by Nor East!" Until you run out of land and into the sea. I am of the opinion that this thread has expired and the answer to the question (whatever that may be) will remain a mystery into the depths of time until some anorak searching through band records in 200 years...
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    Pontins 2006

    :confused: Perhaps we could take it off on another course (whilst staying on topic of course):biggrin:
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    Pontins 2006

    Controversial!!! We had a guest on second Euph!! Yep only 1 dep as we have a vacancy in that seat.
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    Pontins 2006

    Chiefy`s song ;)I know let`s start a singers forum! Or perhaps an "As I was on the way to / from ..............Contest" thread :clap: Excellent rendition Chiefy. Simon Cowell has been on this morning and I am currently negotiating your recording contract:eek:
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    Pontins 2006

    No Singing :mad: Back on topic please people!!:mad:
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    Pontins 2006

    That song again Once more, With feeling, all together now:biggrin: :) Climb, Climb up :cool: Sunshine:cool: Mountain, where the little breezes blow HO,HO,HO.:clap: Dont think we will ever hear of it again......:pig ........;)