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    Is it ok to practice on an instrument that is not your normal instrument.

    Exactly my concerns thanks Nev, and I would be looking for more than keeping the lip in. I have plenty more practice to and improvement to do. Appreciate your response.
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    Is it ok to practice on an instrument that is not your normal instrument.

    Hi all, rubbish title and equally not a great question but here goes... I am having to work away pretty often at present and I am wondering if I get a plastic or pocket trumpet would this be ok to practice on. I play the cornet in brass bands and play trumpet on occasion in a community...
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    Advice on BBflat Bass

    I play cornet and the wife plays EEb Bass. I occasionally pick up her bass and I find it really difficult. My air which lasts so long on cornet just disappears in like a minim. I would be up for the challenge though and always enjoy a change. If my band wanted me to play something else I would...
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    Why is it so many people have stopped commenting on threads?

    Completely agree. Considering the small number of regular posters there are a few who like the wind up or are actually nasty. As a relatively inexperienced player who is trying to improve it puts me off posting often. I am however very grateful for the help I have received when asking questions...
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    Nice looking piece that Andrew. Listened to the MP3 and enjoyed. Have sent a link to my MD whom I think would appreciate it.
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    Delph Band: missing instruments from band room.

    I will keep my eyes open around my way and in the bands I play with. Very much a shame and I hope it gets sorted one way or another. Serial numbers are certainly needed though but I am sure you already know that by now.
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Many thanks all for the advice. I really appreciate it and this forums advice combined with my lessons and bandsmen local I should be sorted with the little areas I struggle with. It is nice to have the opportunity to ask the questions I forget about at lesson or get a different take on things...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Hi all, really helpful posts with thanks. I had thought earlier about some notation software to help with rhythm and how things are meant to go. I had put a post up asking about programs that could scan music in. I would love to option to input/scan a piece of sheet music and sound how it is...
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    I want a program that can scan and play sheet music

    Hi all, I would like a computer program that can scan and then play a piece of music. My reason is I hope this will help on difficult passages and allow me to know how something is meant to sound. Hope this makes sense. I don't mind if it is a phone app, computer program or what. This is a new...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Thanks Andrew for your post. I am practicing them slowly and trying to build up so pleased I am heading in the right direction. I have never however practiced techniques or skills as part of lessons or playing so was thinking I was missing something. I have only ever practiced actual pieces, not...
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    Stuck with how to improve with a few pieces of music.

    Hi all, I play for 2 bands and have recently moved up to the front row 4th seat in one of the bands. All is going well and I am enjoying it very much. There are a few pieces being played this year which I struggle a little with. Mostly rhythm and speed. If I play it myself it's not too bad...
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    Cheesy Music

    I am not sure what constitutes as "cheese" however I play for two bands, one band plays nearly all march's and traditional brass band music with an occasional modern ish/popular arrangement. The other band I play for plays mostly modern ish arrangements. The modern ish one is mostly the more...
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: John Packer 371 SW Cornet

    Thanks DS2014, it is a nice cornet I must admit and I will be sorry to see it go however I prefer the smaller bore of what I am playing at the moment plus as every other cornet is silver I was under pressure to use the silver one.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: John Packer 371 SW Cornet

    Hi all, I am selling my John Packer 371 cornet. This is the top of the John Packer range and is a nice instrument. I picked this up less than a year ago as an ex demonstrator and it is in really good condition. I picked up a Round stamp recently and am fond of that plus need to raise some funds...
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    Conducting Style

    I play currently for two bands. Both conductors are very different in many ways. Both are however good in there own ways although one is more up front and less tactful. I am ready to step in if and when the less tactful becomes even less so. What I find more amusing and interesting is the...