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    Single and Double Basses

    The Eb pitched instruments that we play in bands should technically be called Eb Tuba/Bass. Here's a video of a true EEb tuba.
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    EEb Tuba choice...

    Opinion Hi, The old Imperials are very much in vogue at the moment with some very good and knowledgable players stating their virtues. I've never played on one personally although I have a brand new 'version' that's as close as you can get to an instrument of this era. What one has to...
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    Eyes or Ears - what are we actually listening with?

    BTW - my comments aren't aimed at Flowers or about them being a lesser band - but they're not one of the named bands that I think Craig refers to in his post.
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    Sold/Expired Wessex EEb Tuba

    I think that the price, which doesn't even account for the lack of VAT on a second hand instrument, might be the issue Matthew :-)
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    Eyes or Ears - what are we actually listening with?

    Craig, I'm not sure this is a problem. The top bands are the top bands because they're the best we have. There are bands that used to be considered amongst the best (Imps, Hammonds for example) that get no sympathy or kudos (or points) because of who they are (or were). In fact, most bandsmen...
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    Sold/Expired Besson Sov EEb bass for sale

    Good luck with the sale - this seems a really good price. I had a 1991 981 and it was probably the best instrument I'd ever played until the one I have now. Have seen some chancers trying to sell Sovs for much more than this (they're still for sale!).
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    Just a bit of advice...

    Howard Snell's books cover this well...
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    David Childs back with a band...

    Wow, great signing for the band. I wonder if the Flowers to Cory path might start to get reversed now.
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    Help needed

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    Help needed

    Chris, sorry to question this as I'm a big fan of Paul but I don't think you should forget exactly what Phil H did with the band before he left. Numerous Entertainment prizes including a hat-trick(?) at Yoevil, Grand Shield victory and an Open performance that, if it hadn't been oblitorated by...
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    I've just sent off a 24AW to be done to see if it works, as my favourite gold-plated one is starting to wear thin in places. If anyone's interested I'll let people know how it comes back.
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    areas 2014

    But what if none of the bands in a given area could play it? Some might play the first section better, some the slow, some the finale - how does that sort out the bands?
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    English Nationals 2013

    It's a real shame that the English European qualifying event is now down to one top band going (with some very good bands too I'd just add!). If only the powers that be had let the All England Masters be the event to provide the English band, they would have still had the best bands going there...
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Mr. Tuba 3+1 EEb Tuba - Lacquer (made by Melton/Meinl Weston

    Hiya Jonny, Those are very good instruments - is this the one you had at Flowers?
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    Spring Festival 2013

    Just to throw a spanner - I don't believe that Foden's FF at the Winter Gardens is the same as they use at Symphony Hall. Both Resident and Pro this year reminded us to keep a lid on the dynamics because of the venue. That said, we didn't win :-)