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    Paddy's British Open - 2010

    Congratulations to the Tradegar band Wow amazing result and one that will inspire us all at Kirkie to bounce back. As for you tenortuba my ribs are soar laughing at your bitterness OMG whats your issues... Hahaha brilliant 'dog dooo' classic! Dont be shy tell us whats wrong its good to talk...
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    tMP's official European Brass Band Championships 2007 thread

    Of men and mountain seems to have let Cory down. Brave choice in my opinion although a great work it doesnt really have that X Factor compaired to the other choices on offer! Just my opinion!
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    British Open

    Hey willie I reckon you wont be the only drunk ginger Scot's lad in the bar on Sat!!! Bart Simonis Trombone Kirkie
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    The Best Soprano Cornet Player

    If we are now talking about crazy sop players Steve Stewart of Kirkie is well up there! Top player as well but king of the Crazy horse gang! :lol: Former player who i considered to be an absolute star was a chick called Pauline Murphy well known in Scotland but unfortunatley now she is a...
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    West Lothian Challenge Final

    "lack of dynamic contrast and the steadier tempo" Im not sure if you are aware Kenny :? but the Corsair is an original Orchestral work. So why would anyone base there interpretation on the way a Brass band has previously played it! (B&R or not!)
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    West Lothian Challenge Final

    Kenny why dont you share with us your veiws on the destination of the incidental prizes? :lol:
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    British Open Test Pieces

    Dont know who the judges will get into this one! (Then ive given up with thinking about how judges think!) It will be like three different contests. All pieces are very different so will the judges pick the best band playing the piece they think is hardest or the piece they like the best???? I...
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    West Of Scotland

    Gareth mate you do really need to change your name there can only be one Gman and "unfortunatley" he plays at kirkie!! Lucy we havent been to the west of Scotland in a few years! Its not that the band doesnt want to go because it is a contest that the band have supported for years but we have...
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    Scottish Open Testpieces

    I dont know what you are talkin aboot miss Boyle? Have a look at the post you are talkin aboot not a spelling mistake in sight!! Get it Round Yi! :lol:
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    Scottish Open Testpieces

    "Lets hope that we can more of an audience this year." JockBlast I think that one should improve our diction!!! :lol:
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    Scottish Open Testpieces

    Let it be On Alderley Edge!! Luvin it! :lol:
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    British Open 2004 Information needed!

    OK Doll get the message still drunk from last night!! Do you have the answer i require? :lol:
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    British Open 2004 Information needed!

    Does anyone know what time the contest is due to start in September? If i remember rightly last year it started after lunch time! Is it to be the same this year? Flights to sort out for Saturday evening!!! :?
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    Europeans 2004 - congratulations to YBS (again)!

    [ i won't support Rangers in Europe - But hey, don't get a chance to anyway :wink: Always thought that you were an ugly boy but now i know why! :lol: If i ever get my Hub caps stolen at a band contest i will know that you were there!!! :wink:
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    European Brass Band Championship - Your predictions?

    I am supporting the band from Denmark because having played in last years contest in Norway with Kirkie all i can say is they have the best looking band in Europe!!! :lol: :wink: