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    Soprano needed for L&SC Regional Contest, 3rd Section

    Brighton & Hove City Brass are looking to recruit a Soprano Cornet for the London Regionals and potentially, beyond. If you could also do the scaba contest in Brighton in early March, that would be a bonus! We rehearse on Mondays in Brighton with additional Wednesday rehearsals in the run up to...
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    Conductors Showcase

    Here's info from Steve: Yes I recorded Bone Idyll with Sun Life Stanshawe Band around 1980 ish. Think it was on an LP called Conductors Showcase. Derek Bourgeois wrote it for me as part of a Granada Band of the Year Programme that he wrote or arranged in its entirety. It was an adaptation of...
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    Conductors Showcase

    I believe so but have sent him a message to confirm.
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    Euphonium Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign round stamp

    I friend of mine runs a music store near Cologne and has this Round stamp Sovereign Euph for sale on Ebay in Germany...
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    What’s your favourite instrument and why?

    Currently at around 16 trumpet/cornet related instruments......because I am single, this number could well increase! ;) No specific favourite so listing by type with the reasons: Soprano - My Schilke is the best sop I have ever played. Bb Trumpet - I have a fab original Selmer Paris which is my...
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    Who Has The most Trumpet/Cornet Mouthpieces?

    I am a lightweight by comparison - less than 10. However, I do have 16 cornet/trumpet related instruments to make up for that! :D
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    Rendering problems with Chrome

    I get it occasionally still - just now, moving to the second page of a thread, the formatting was once again there.
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    "Band Bashing"

    I am temporarily closing this thread to new posts. When conversations are happening from the same IP address, it suggests that some of the accounts may be the same person with multiple identities. I will happily reopen this upon receipt of proof that this is not the case here.
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    BBE Conference Gregson's Observations

    Absolutely agree Andrew - I recall a very long time ago I wrote a piece for Brass Band World on this very topic including a reference to how much easier it was to get into Bosnia than it was to get onto a contest stage. I was accused by someone involved in the Registry at the time of taking...
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    Stomvi 3 piece mouthpiece kits - supplier sought!

    Thanks - that is really odd as searching on their website, I do not see this.
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    Stomvi 3 piece mouthpiece kits - supplier sought!

    Anyone on here working for a brass related retailer that stocks the Stomvi 3 piece mouthpiece kits? The Stomvi website has a list of supposed retailers but none of them seem to show this kit in their online websites. many thanks in anticipation!
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    Conductors Course review

    Like many other brass band conductors, I never had formal training on things such as baton technique, dealing with complex polyrythms etc, in fact, all the things you would learn on a formal college course for conductors. I met Russell Gray a few years ago when he came to our band to help us in...
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    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    So on that basis, it would appear that the set of the Eb suite as used in the 1972 regionals can be copied but the latest edition from Studio can't. (It is physically different, both in paper size and additional text on it). Which leaves one last question for me: would a regional committee ban...
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    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    So, if it's the same guy, his arrangements would be out of copyright in 2002, Holst out of copyright in 2004. That only leaves the other copyright in the physical printed edition.