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    A Mendip Celebration Errata

    Thanks Darrol, Can you tell me whether the 1st and 2nd euphs stay with 2nd on top throughout the 1st movement as they are at the beginning or do they resort to the norm after that? Not hugely important but am curious. Cheers Paul
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    Curiosities of the English language

    Now now Peter, don't make an exhibition of yourself!
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    The 'Official' tMP L&SC Regional Thread

    What odd names your family have steve!!
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    First draft of unambiguous contesting and grading rules

    Sorry Fran but I think there would. Yes bands have plenty other outings in the year but some people see copntesting as an important part of banding. If players join a contesting band which then decides to become non contesting, I think you'd see a good number of them look elsewhere. I believe...
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    adjudicators comments

    Is there anywhere one can read the actual comments made by the adjudicators at contests? Might be a bit sneaky and tough on the bands in the first couple of areas to play, although each adjudicator is going to be different, but it would be interesting to know if there are any consistent themes...
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    The 'Official' tMP L&SC Regional Thread

    And there's no f in pencils. Can I deduce from this your less than tacit support on the day LBB?
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    Red Carol books

    Thanks Alan. Will, I think we'll start at no 1 then finish after 45 mins!
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    Red Carol books

    The words out, more, need, you, get and to are hanging in the air for some reason. Big help tho LBB. Can anyone add to that? Cheers
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    Red Carol books

    Shot in the dark but I don't suppose anyone has an index of what is in this book? I'm trying to put a concert together for Weds and helpfully don't have the book by me. Cheers
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    Fulham Brass Band at Christmas

    FBB's Christmas concert this year is at St John's Church, North End Road, Fulham (just along from Stamford Bridge) on 11th december at 7pm. Guest soprano (voice) soloist Joanna Bradley; programme of contemplative, triumphant and festive stuff. Be great to see some tMPers there. Tickets on the...
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    we will remember them

    True. It was found in an envelope in his uniform made out to his parents "in the event of my death" I thought that the author of this was unknown. I've heard many theories, inlcluding it being am american indian poem. It came out top of the poll the bbc did a few years ago to find the nation's...
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    Why has banding suddenly become complicated???

    Thought I should qualify my last post a bit. Having been a member of a fourth section Champion Band of Scotland and of a second section champion band of the north east, I too would like to add the English crown to my haul. It's much the same as the political situation - Home Rule for England...
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    Why has banding suddenly become complicated???

    I too was a bit miffed to say the least at the suggesting of "offloading" Scottish and Welsh bands, presumably to get down to the nitty gritty with the best bands...!If English bandsmen (rightly by the way) want the opportunity to be classed as Champion Band of England can't there be some...
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    we will remember them

    Apparently this is the first year where there will be no British veterans at the Menin Gate service as those who are still alive are too old and frail to make the journey. The end of an era.
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    Harrogate photos

    Aww aint that sweet! A lesson to all young cornet players too in the art of playing without pressure!!!