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    Help me make my fortune!

    Next time, however, you should include a suitably stupid description of your piece. Anything to do with showing the corruption inherent in capitalism or expressing your fears for the future of humanity via a poo on a plate or some such rubbish. That'll really convince them it's art! :P
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    Photocopying Issues!

    What about the piece you paid a fortune for and the first time you played it your <insert random player here> loses their part? Do you have to go and buy a new set or can you just use a copy obtained from another band? Our library is the amalgamation of three different libraries so...
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    Photocopying Issues!

    Ahh, to be a librarian with my own photocopier! I dream of the day when i don't have to hang around until everyone else has left the office to get access to a photocopier! You must know lots of rich bands! :P
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    Facial hair just hurts!

    i remember a second cornet player with a 'tache always doing a little mexican wave thing with his top lip before playing to get it out of the way. that was always greatly amusing. :lol:
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    Strange Tastes

    my own personal favourite has to be corned beef and vinegar butties. but you have to mush up the corned beef a bit of the vinegar just runs out onto the plate. when no vinegar is available use salt & vinegar crisps. also, i was getting into trouble for making a mince omlette the other...
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    Forgive my ignorance, but how exactly would the appeal work? I'm curious as to how they would alter the adjudicator's descision in the event of a successful appeal. Would it add points to the bands score to get them out of the relegation zone or would it basically ignore them and act as if...
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    I do believe that was large amounts of vodka with a hint of lemonade... Thanks for sharing though!
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    Bass trombone!

    I won't ever do it again. I'm sorry! :( (don't shoot me! ) Anyways, it was years before anyone told me I wasn't just another trombone so I got off to a bad start. Now I'm getting much nicer notes from the thing! (maybe one day they'll be in tune! )
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    Off topic chunterings

    It's a common problem on all internet forums of how much freedom to give users. There is no definative answer but the way I see it goes like this: Forum Name: Random Chat & Off Topic Entire Forum Topic: Brass Bands Off Topic = Anything not connected with Brass Bands The argument...
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    choosing soloists

    When I was playing with the school band we had a slow melody contest. I was playing Stardust and I remember, near the end, I had seven bars rest during which I discovered that my nose had decided to turn into a blood fountain and leak all over my face and trombone. Lovely. Cue oco offering...
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    Contest Medical Conditions

    I can't really help you with this one. I can never remember anything in the hours/days following a contest. Must be amnesia I get..... :wink:
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    2nd Section

    When we found out that's what we were playing, we checked our library and found most of a set. We haven't actually tried it yet but it looks a fairly dull piece with not a lot to get your teeth into (sorry to all the Ball fans! ). We can't find a recording though. Searched high and low...