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    NEW - Baritone Solo!

    Easiest way to play for Euphonium and band is to swap the two Euph parts with the two bari parts for balance.
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    Results of 42nd National Band Championships of Ireland

    Well done DBB, are you planning to go to stavanger next year ?
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    Gaelforce! Is it a test piece?

    I haven't played for a band in over a year, I havent practiced since summer sounds 2005. But am going to get back on the horse soon. Just playing at uni. Yes I am still writing, PM me and I can send you some stuff - have a recording of my horn solo the Tempest if your interested. Do you still...
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    Gaelforce! Is it a test piece?

    So whats the story on the choice piece ? And who is Aoife ?
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    Gaelforce! Is it a test piece?

    Come on lads, Gael force is still a hard piece - I know it will give you lads a run for your money!!
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    Tenor Horn Music

    On my own from les mis is really easy - sits on the mid range - does not go above a G above the stave. I have the Darrol Barry arangement.
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    New Solo for Soprano or any other E flat Instrument

    Hi, any chance you can mail a copy to cheers!
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    Musicals - Are you a fan? What's your favourite?

    Quite like Blood Brothers although its a bit different than other musicals but I was introduced to Jekyll & Hyde last year - its pretty good, some excellent songs - recommend it!
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    Horn Player Vacancy

    He has moved on to EYMS but is currently in the land of chow mein, need to recruit for my army of horn players and my minions will take over the world!
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    Horn Player Vacancy

    1st horn position at stalybridge to be filled. If interested contact: Richard - 07717871767 Joe - 07796266903 Or send a PM.
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    Your first ever contest piece?

    Tryptich - Philip Sparke - 1991 in Ulster Hall Belfast played in first section or Grade 'B' Brass as its known. Played second horn and was 13.
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    How much of a Geek are you?

    39.25049% - Major Geek Dam - I knew it would all catch up on me eventually - ok I'm sending out my sentinals to control the universe and no one can stop me - muhahahaha!!!!
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    Wanted - Front row, rep and baritone players @ Staylybridge

    Nice one Janet. Still looking for a front row cornet for the area, who is up to the challange of Coventry Variations ?? - if anyone interested give us a ring on the nos above. If you want to come down for a blow we rehearse Mon and Thurs 8 - 10 in stalybridge above judges bar - ring to let...
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    Irish Bands for the drogheda brass band if you wish to get in contact with them - not sure how much of a drive that is. My old band top section.
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    Coventry Variations

    We just took it out tonight - I like it and no muted parts for horns - muhahaha!!!