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    Are musicians generally the brighter pupils at school??

    I think you will find that this is just a reflection of the amount of parental guideance a kid receives. Those that nudge their kids towards extra curricular musical activities are the same ones who take an interest in how their kids are generally coping at school, helping with homework, making...
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    Eva Cassidy's "OVER THE RAINBOW"

    Thanks for reminding me of that song. I've just played it to remind myself how good it is - streets ahead of the original. I must agree it will make a terrific piece and will be a sure fire winner with almost any audience. Just ensure you make a good job of it - its too nice a song to spoil.
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    I'll name that (mobile) tune in one!

    Do you compose on your phones?. I have no compose facility on mine but I have heard that you can download free composer software off the internet and then text them to your phone. Anybody know of any such free programs?
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    Going purely on your name I would hazzard a guess at the latter. :wink: :D
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    I love cheese!!!!

    Talking of cheese. Just been listening to a CD with Grimethorpe playing McArthur Park. One of the most cheesey songs ever composed with the cheesiest lyrics ever penned and given the Brass Band cheese treatment. Sheer class. Especially the Big band, Pearl & Dean bit in the middle and the heroic...
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    New Band Music - What do YOU want?

    How about 'Hey Big Spender'. --- But only if its the usual white haired, octaganerian, church choir. :twisted: Sorry couldn't resist that
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    soverign valves......

    I would be very careful mixing coke with an expensive instrument, the stuff is incredibly potent. When I was in the Territorial Army I used to be in the shooting team and often spent all day on the ranges with my trusty SLR. When we finished we had to clean the rifles. The gas plug - part of the...
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    If you're interested....

    Music man, on behalf of all the sane members, I demand you ban him NOW.
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    Celebrity Brass players

    Whey Hey! Come on u reds. I remember Steve Sutton playing for Forest in the early 80's he was a vey good goal keeper and one of the fans favourites being a local lad. Brian Clough fell out with him and wouldn't play him again despite him being the best keeper by a mile. I wasn't into brass...
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    Tuba Jokes

    How do you mend a broken tuba? with a tuba glue :lol: :lol: