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    Thanks for this, but..... I believe there is a track missing. If memory serves me right ( and I haven't heard this for over 30 years) Phil McCann also plays Alpine Echoes/Post Horn Galop. Any ideas whats happened to it? Regardless, brought back so many memories as my recording was lost when Dad...
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    Brass in Concerts 2011 Bands

    4br retros/galleries etc now up on site.
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    Brighouse's Performance of Breath of Souls

    Hi Keith Just trying to point out a) how good, in my view the offical recording sounds in an unmixed version and b) how they recorded this years RAH and that depending on the situation, different venues and events need different set up's as you've eloquently pointed out above. p.s. Different...
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    Brighouse's Performance of Breath of Souls

    I can tell you now that the official recordings will be excellent (in my veiw) - having heard an unmixed version of the official recording, it reminds me of those old recordings from the 60's where the final note is completley oblitered by the applause and cheering of the audience. It adds that...
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    Ripon entertainment contest 4th June

    What were the penalties for please?
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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    He did play tenor horn for a long time. (Sorry can't off the top of my head which bands) There are CV's on 4br but I've put forward a suggestion that they be updated. Bayerd - thanks on behalf of Mal for your appology:clap::clap:
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    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    And your information is from...where? (Your way wrong by the way) - Please check facts about EVERYBODY before making ill-informed and incorrect comments. Thanks I think a more carefull reading of the article rather than the bits you want to read or hear (which these day for a lot of bands...
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    Eisteddfod 2010

    For those of us not from that part of the world.... Can someone post the orders of play over the two days please. Thnaks
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    2009 English Nationals

    Dyke will be recording a new CD of PLC's so assume this will also be on. I've no timeline on when its released but as I'm meeting up with Nick and co. next week, I'll try to find out more concrete dates. p.s. there was no live recordings made at the event.
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    2009 Grand Shield - Competing Bands

    With regards to photos, as usual, three of us were working yesterday - John Stirzaker of the Bandsman, Ian Clowes who began last year with 4BR, and myself covering the event for BBW. You can contact us via our publications (plus Ian has his own website - there's a link on 4br)
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    Durham League Grading Contest

    Any results from A & B sections?
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    Stirzy's forgot but there's three of us this year - he's forgotton Mr Clowes for 4BR
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    Official tMP North of England Regional 2008 thread

    Just got back and have 1500 words to write by lunch tomorrow for bandsman.... but had to put this pic on of fellow TMP'er Lauradoll Well done kid!! Next drinks are on her!!!
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    Durham League Contest Date

    Ah, I see the famous old argument has raised its head again. Not everyone can, or is able to, give up their time or offer help. However, suggestions have been made and ignored in the past, as have offers of help. It seems that by giving of your free time is an acceptable excuse for not...
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    Durham League Contest Date

    ...which is a waste of time, as calls are never returned , wrong dates are given (i.e. the DLI contest which was originally given as midweek!!), or it takes weeks for information to be given. Added to this the continual cock-ups by the commitee (just look at last year when percussion equipment...