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    Help with A-Level Practical...........

    hmmm when I did mine last year I'm sure I just gave the was the Haydn Trumpet concerto... not definite on that but i got 98%. What exam board are you with? Im sure you'll be fine
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    Bands in Glasgow?

    Just would like to say thanks to everyone for their suggestions and offers, most grateful!
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    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    hmm, think it was bromsgrove brass band summer school... a certain cornet player
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    Tenor horn teacher in Durham

    have you asked in the department? sure they will have some connections
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    Grade 8 - Choice of music

    I took my grade 8 in june with abrsm. I did the Haydn concerto (movements 1+2), Mr Logic and Fanfare For a Common Man. Fanfare is long and high (lots of top C's). Mr Logic isn't bad, not nice to listen too. Been playing the Haydn for ages, lovely piece to play but then it comes down to what you...
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    Bands in Glasgow?

    joined the uni bands but still want the challenge of a decent section band as well as the opportunities of meeting new people that only banding provides! thanks all the same
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    Bands in Glasgow?

    already done that!
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    Bands in Glasgow?

    any... preferably higher sections but i'm easy. just want to be playing again!
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    Bands in Glasgow?

    I've just started Glasgow University and am looking to continue my playing up here, useful as I am doing a music degree! I play cornet to about grade 8 standard. I've played in brass bands for several years and would love to continue playing and contesting. If anyone knows of any bands...
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    University Options......

    not packed in altogether jus reducing commitments so i can concentrate on my playing. visited edinburgh on saturday and i'm goin to newcastle this weekend. i'd love to go to somewhere like salford/manchester/welsh college but lack confidence in performing and composing so am trying to find a...
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    University Options......

    hi, just wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom when contemplating the stupidly large number of universities, all offering what seems to be the same music course!! i'm getting to the stage where putting a list of the courses into a hat and pulling them out at random which i've been told is...
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    happy xmas

    won't be on for a while now school has broken up and the exams are looming!!!! v scary. jus thought id say happy xmas n happy new year
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    had it, the joy. monday after spenny.
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    Songs for a band bus

    was going to down to london with the county big band when the trumpet section started singing slaidburn and death and glory. it didnt last beacause someone shut them up by playing their lateset recording from their punk/ska band. (unrepeatable lyrics!!) do they count as band bus songs?
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    how many have we got 18 and under?

    hadn't u noticed that 1??? well, we didn't like to say anything!! (sorry, only joking if you hadnt guessed!) (and i agree with TIMBONE, its great u have your old avator back!!)