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    Butlins 2009

    Andy, we get the point that you don't like the new format. As has been mentioned above in the thread though, if you can't perform for less than 30 minutes in a single day, then you ought to question your ability to play a brass instrument. I like the fact that this new format is being...
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    Elitism in Brass Banding

    And Amateur is only a description of the status of the players of a band. It is one thing to be employed by an orchestra, but quite a different one to be paid expenses to play for a band. There are, however, many other forms of elitism within banding that do (in my opinion) much more damage...
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    The person before...

    ^ doesn't know who I am?
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    Bass Trombone looking to play at Pontins (Champ Section) (Based in Chesterfield)

    Hi Peter! I'm not too bad, but I've been a little bit busy recently; Got a job and moved to a new area, and I've been doing a lot of depping. All in all, I've been busy, and only just managed to get back on my feet! My search has been pretty successful so far, I just need to finalise some...
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    Bass Trombone looking to play at Pontins (Champ Section) (Based in Chesterfield)

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to play at the Pontins Championships in the Championship Section since the band I'm registered with isn't going. Obviously, the closer the band is to me, the more rehearsals I can attend, but I'm confident I can fit in at the last moment if requried. I currently live...
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    Brass clinicians - is the term appropriate?

    Firstly, some of us can speak latin to greater or lesser extents (I think I shall possibly prove my signature at the weekend :-S ), but Keppler's original argument was refering to a previous line of thought that was based on where the word clinician comes from. I'm not sure about the...
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    tMP Band @ Pontins 2005 - Questions?

    unfortunately I couldn't make my usual whit friday appearance this year due to my finals being the monday afterwards!
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    tMP Pontins Predictions 2005

    Is this in Internet Explorer by any chance? My 'popup' blocker doesn't differentiate between whether I clicked or not, believing this to be a way around other blockers. So, popup or new browser window, my app treats everything as a popup unless I press control, or right click and go to "Open...
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    Wilkinsons Contest

    Can we use this on the official St Helens sign? Someone actually looking forwards to coming to St Helens! :sup
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    tMP Band @ Pontins 2005 - Questions?

    we've only got 3 trombones haven't we?!?!? :eek:
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    Brass clinicians - is the term appropriate?

    Why do you feel insulted by it? It seems funny to me that this 'debate' has gone where it has. Is anyone getting scammed by this mis-use of the word? I actually asked a Consultant Radiologist what he thought about this issue, and his exact response was, "Who cares?". I think it's...
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    tMP Band to play at Pontins 2005 - Sign-Up

    I always thought that was the 1st Bass Trombone part! Anyway, with 1000 horns we'll need all the help we can get on the trombone line!
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    tMP Pontins Predictions 2005

    there should be a pop-up shouldn't there?
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    it's a tough position to be in. Everyone gets nervous though, and personally I used to be worse in the band room. To get over it, I had to think about how many other people make mistakes, which in turn made me realise that I made relatively few. That helped in the bandroom, but then you realise...
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    Brass clinicians - is the term appropriate?

    am I being stupid if I don't get this?