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    Open rehearsal at RV

    Reg Vardy Band opens its doors to visitors for an open rehearsal of the Scottish Open test piece, Contest Music, by Wilfred Heaton. The band has enjoyed the last two weeks working on the piece with Grand Shield winning conductor, Mareika Gray, and welcomes James Fountain to add the finishing...
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    Open rehearsal at RV- "Of Distant Memories" -National Finals

    Reg Vardy Band is pleased to invite visitors to hear music in an olden style in a bandroom with a totally new look! Following extensive decoration, hard work and recarpetting , the band has enjoyed working in a fresh new setting with musical director Russell Gray, and looks forward to...
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    New resident conductor at Reg Vardy

    In the run up to the National Finals, Reg Vardy Band is pleased to announce the appointment of John Roberts as its Resident Musical Director. The band has been waiting for just the right candidate to fill the position and to work with Musical Director Russell Gray into the next contesting...
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    English Nationals 2013

    I know, but we'll try to give the others a chance...:D;);) IF ONLY!!
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    Open rehearsal at RV

    There’s a great buzz in our Stanley bandroom at present. The band is relishing working on Diversions on a Bass Theme and our own choice test piece for the English Nationals under the inspiring direction of Russell Gray. A weekend of sectionals, full rehearsals and a little bit of Sunday morning...
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    Send them home!!!

    Is there something wayward lurking in your wardrobe or cupboard? Reg Vardy Band would like to offer an amnesty on all items of band uniform, music and equipment during the months of June and July. The newly appointed committee are eager to restore the kit cupboard to its full capacity, and...
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    Reg Vardy Band-under new management

    After 20 years, due to increased work commitments, Les Palmer has stepped down as manager of Reg Vardy Band. Les has led the band through thick and thin, and was at the helm during the band’s “golden period”, which included pre qualifying for the National Finals in 2005, competing at the World...
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    Grimethorpe Announcement

    Do the Daily Telegraph know what brass banders are?????
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    Paddy's All England Masters - 2012

    Perhaps making it "open" and moving it to a leisure centre in the middle of nowhere. I certainly don't enjoy it any more, and I used to love it when it was at Camridge, despite having to change across the road, deal with slippery steps and walk across the road, sometimes in the rain, to a tiny...
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    British Open 2012

    Announced at Spring Festival??
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    Wedding Music

    I had (first time!) the Rondo from Abdelazar to come in, Mr Martin Humphrey's crazy arrangement of the Mendelssohn Wedding march to go out, and A Brown Bird Singing and One Hand One Heart for the register signing. It was very emotional, so if you're in the least bit soppy, steel yourself for...
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    I think the internet has a lot to answer for. Since the advent of texts, internet forums and brass band "news" websites, the face of the organisaton has totally changed, and not always for the better. As someone said earlier, in the past if you had anything to say to another player, you'd say it...
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    Baritone mouthpiece

    I'd just like to thank everyone again for the advice. I'm happily parping away on a Wick SMB6 which fortuitously dropped into my hands one night this week-it's getting easier every time I practise! :-) :-) :-)
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    Baritone mouthpiece

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'm still experimenting and lots of practice has (of course!) helped. 4BS is too big for me, and very shallow, as someone said above, so I know that's not the one I want. If anyone has a small mouthpiece they'd like rid of I would consider helping out (with cash ;) )