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    Croydon Brass, London, 4th section, Solo Cornet vacancy

    I have just taken over as MD of Croydon Brass ~ Tonight! and the first of my three wishes is for two solo cornet players ~ we're not looking for stars (although I wouldn't turn them away). Just regular reliable cornet players to come along to Thornton Heath on a Monday evening Croydon Brass
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    Bottom 'C' on bass bone

    Although I personally prefer to play everything in Bass Clef, treble clef transposing music is OK with valves, but on a slide it just fries my brain. Low C on any Bb /F Trombone should be available without pulling the valve tuning slide out, it will be in "Long" 6th which is usually a bit...
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    Advice on instrument change

    Some can do it, some can't! There's no way I could play a sop but EEb is my first choice in a Brass Band, but I do know some people who get get a decent sound out of both. Try it and see.
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    Returning to the fold

    Hi, after a few years away from the whole Brass Band scene, I have returned ~ TONIGHT ~ to take over once again as Musical Director of Croydon Brass. I conducted their 100th anniversary season and five years later, just like the Terminator, I'm back! Some of you may remember me as the Bass (or...
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    Croydon Band Centenary Concert

    On teh 16th of April 2011 we will playing the first of what I hope will be a series of concerts celebrating teh centenary of the Croydon Band. We will be playing varied programme of mostly light popular music with one or two band favorites and classic arrangements, we are looking to enjoy...
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    Sop and Solo Horn

    This is the Croydon Band's centenary year. We are planning a full year of celebrations starting with a concert on the 16th April, hopefully with many more to follow. to help in these celebrations we are currently looking for a solo horn and a sop to join us. We have a very full library and a...
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    London Band Needed

    Croydon Brass are celebrating our Centenary thsi year and will be putting on a few concerts, we are looking for a Sop player. I think we are currently fourth section but have not competed for a few years due to lack of players, if you fancy a different sort of challenge contact me for more...
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    Clive Graham

    SO sorry to have missed Clive's send off, it just shows that I shoudl check in here more often. I can only echo Matt's comments. I know that Clive will often come to mind, especially when we play Aces High.
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    Clive Graham

    This is very sad news, Clive was a good friend and colleague in the bass section for many years. His personality was so big that the quality of his playing could easily be overlooked. I always had a sence of musicaly security when he was sitting next to me in the band. I will miss Clive...
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    Croydon Brass Band - Vacancies

    Croydon Brass Vacancies Croydon Brass Band is in it's 99th year, has just taken on a new MD and is looking to strengthen the player numbers, we have vacancies in all sections, and are happy to welcome all brass players. We have a (pretty) full set of instruments so can provide most players if...
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    We are not Dead!! Croydon Brass lives on

    I have heard the rumour now from two seperate sources that Croydon Brass Band has folded. I want to assure everyone that these reports are not only exagerated, but also far too early. We are still rehearsing at Thornton Heath every Monday, with an old friend of the Band (me) conducting. We...
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    Worst Venue

    I play the Albert Hall around once a year, and although the latest refurbishment has lead to an improvement the aucostics are very poor, however (you just knew there would be an however didn't you) playing there is always an event. We always have a full hall and play with a full choir as well...
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    Worst Venue

    Why has no one mentioned Stevenage?? Or the coldest place in London on Remembrance Sunday, the quarter deck of the HMS Belfast, but brilliant reception / hospitality and well worth while. Then there is almost any officers mess (what a bunch of j*$ks- agree Sargents are much better - thank...
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    why do we do it?

    I found contests were begining to bore the pants off me, I can think of nothing worse than spending a whole day in Stevenage listening to thirty poor bands playing a bad piece of music badly! and to make matters worse you have to play in a gym! The final nail in the coffin for me was when the...