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    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* of 'No Time To Die'

    So one signs up with them, then can arrange any of them? That's amazing.
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    *NEW ARRANGEMENT* of 'No Time To Die'

    Just curious - how have the copyright permissions worked out for this? I never consider trying to arrange anything recent, figuring that the permissions will be just too painful to obtain, but perhaps I am limiting myself unnecessarily.
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    Instruments, are we Owners or Custodians?

    If one gets into vintage instruments, it becomes natural to think of one's ownership of them as transient. My regular bass trombone was originally built in 1962, 17 years before I was born. It's mine, but also I hope that it will last enough that somebody else will be able to enjoy the use of it...
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    Long serving conductors

    Interesting question. Female mass membership of brass bands is not something that long established - as we've covered in (occasionally bafflingly contentious) threads here in the past, gender balance in banding is even today, still 'working its way through the system' - it's rare to find a band...
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    Long serving conductors

    I rather thought you'd be the first on that list to confirm, John! Glad to hear all is well up in the Forest of Bowland.
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    Long serving conductors

    It was drawn to my attention on Facebook the other day that Tom Street of Heage band in Cornwall has been wagging them since 1970 - 50 years so far, and still in post at age 93, most impressive. Given that Haydn Griffiths sadly passed away in 2018 after completing 54 years in front of Armthorpe...
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    The Zen of Playing Silence

    Swing playing is all about a solid beat. It just relates to that beat in different ways to the way that a classical music training teaches you to - there's loads of little subtleties that define the differences between genres - or even between bands.
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    The Zen of Playing Silence

    However much one counts rigidly to meter a passage (and the more rigidly the better, most of the time), there's always an element of feeling the beat intuitively. Your top example is syncopated i.e. featuring a pattern that cuts across some beats - it's difficult to feel because the second bar...
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    Yamaha Neo would be my choice - easy response and better intonation than the others listed
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    Mouthpiece information

    Agree with Tom. This isn't the first older British mouthpiece I've seen with that rim profile.
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    BBE Conference Gregson's Observations

    Hi Jim; you were one of those I referenced above as being good to see pop back in after a long absence. Hope life's treating you well? I disagree with both Richard and your good self... My disagreement with Richard's point is pretty much exactly the same as yours - it's very listenable stuff...
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    Bass Trombone Stand

    Wanted to insert a boggling eyes emoji here. Not sure any of the set on this site quite do that job... :eek::oops:o_O No, none of those seem quite right... Correct. Is this celebrity?
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    BBE Conference Gregson's Observations

    Agree with pretty much the whole list, and agree with the sad observation that none of these observations of what afflicts banding are anywhere near new. We just have to wait for the cultural boil to be ready to burst, I guess. It's been painfully slow going though, waiting for banding to open...
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    Temperamental by Fendall Hill

    Interesting work Fendall. I hear a lot of quotes from the famous Toccata and Fugue in Dm in it.
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    Bletchington Silver Band, L&SC 4th Section, Flugel/Cornet Vacancy

    Certified lovely bunch of people...