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    Solo Trombone - VBS Poynton Band

    Championship Section Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band are seeking the appointment of a Solo trombone player. Now under the baton of Stig Maersk, rehearsing on Mondays and Thursdays at 8.15 in our own band room in Poynton. Good transport links and lifts can be arranged depending on...
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    Tintwistle band (North West/Derbyshire)- vacancies

    Eb Soprano Bb Cornet (various positions) Euph The band performs to very well supported events (i.e. packed audiences) Entering Hardraw Scar Entertaining contest in Sept. Various concerts throughout the North West & Derbyshire. visit or PM me for details. Rehearsals...
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    Looking for a change (NW Area)

    Tintwistle are after a Sop player or Cornet player. We came 2nd recently at Hardraw Scar contest. Well supported concerts playing to packed audiences.
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    Soprano Player - Tintwistle Band

    Following our successful weekend (sold-out concert Friday, 2nd place at Hardraw Scar Sunday) Tintwistle brass band would like to fill the position of full time Soprano and back row cornet (position negotiable). 1st section rehearsing Monday and Thursday in own band room. (SK13 1LH) Varied...
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    Looking for a new opportunity ...

    Would you consider Soprano? Tintwistle (1st Section) are after one. More than welcome to come down on cornet to meet us all and have a toot. We're not far away. End of M67. Near Hattersley / Hyde / Woodley / Glossop. My number is 07973562686 is you wish to discuss it further.
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    Can you complete our band?

    To complete our line up Tintwistle (1st section) brass band require a 2nd Euph and Soprano. Off to Hardraw Scar in sept, following that, various concerts performed to sell out audiences. Rehearsals Monday & Thursday in our own band room in Tintwistle. Just 4 minutes from the end of the M67...
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    Bass Trom & 2nd Euph for Whit Friday

    The Tintwistle Band (North West/Midlands) 1st Section are after a Bass Trombone player and 2nd Euph player for Whit Friday. We're doing the Saddleworth Area this year. Playing O.R.B., conducted by Sarah Groarke. Room for family / friends on the coach which is leaving at 4pm. Plenty of Free...
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    Soprano Player - Tintwistle Band

    Tintwistle Brass Band are seeking a Soprano player. We are a good standard 1st Section band based on the borders of Derbyshire/Cheshire. We therefore complete in the Midlands Areas but are close by to the North West Bands. List of jobs this year include: Hatherlow Concert; Whit Friday; Low...
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    Tintwistle band (North West/Derbyshire)- vacancies

    Tintwistle Band are currently looking for a Soprano cornet and a tuned percussion player. Full diary of well supported concerts throughout the year, plus, we are entering Hardraw Scar again. We came 2nd in 2015. 1st Section, based near Glossop just off the M67.
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    Soprano for Whit Friday (Tintwistle Band, 1st Section)

    Friday 20th May. We are seeking a Soprano player on this Whit Friday Contest. We are doing Saddleworth this year and playing O.R.B. If anyone is interested please contact the band via the website. Thanks
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    Tintwistle band (North West/Derbyshire)- vacancies

    Tintwistle Band are currently looking for a 2nd Euphonium player, Soprano cornet, 3rd cornet and a tuned percussion player. Full diary of well supported concerts throughout the year, plus, we have plans to enter a few entertainment contests (Hardraw Scar etc...). 1st Section, based near...
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    The Tintwistle Band

    The Tintwistle Band are seeking a Soprano, x1 Euphonium and x1 Baritone player to complete their line up. 2nd at the recent Hardraw Scar Contest (Sept 15), this friendly and hard working 1st Section band (come Jan 2016) rehearse Mondays and Thursdays in the lovely little village of Tintwistle...
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    Tintwistle Band Vacancies – August 2015

    Tintwistle Band are currently looking for the following players: Soprano Cornet 2nd Euphonium 3rd Cornet Tuned percussion Engagements so far are: Sunday 23rd August Buxton Pavillion Gardens 2.00pm Monday 31st August Chatsworth House 2:00pm Sunday 6th September Debdale Park Manchester 1.00 -...
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    Tintwistle Band - Vacancies

    1st Section as of January 2016. Hardworking, friendly and sociable, Tintwistle Brass Band are seeking a top quality Soprano player. x1 cornet player (position negotiable) and x1 baritone player. To complete our line up. Conducted by Sarah Groake-Booth. Varied concerts through the year...
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    Whit Friday - Sop required

    1st Section (as of 2016) Tintwistle are after a Soprano Player for Whit Friday and beyond. Well supported and nearly full band (2nd cornet and 2nd baritone positions available). Rehearsals in own band room Monday and Thursday. Conducted by Sarah Groarke Booth. Contact us or visit...