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    New "Christmas Collection" books

    I'm totally with you, I always make sure we've got a few trad (O come all ye, Hark the Herald etc) as that's what people like to hear, but it does also bring a new wave of slightly younger audiences over to have a bit of a look. It's nice that they've not taken much away from the NCP (that I've...
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    New "Christmas Collection" books

    I like them too... but then again I don't play brass so what do I know :p
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    New "Christmas Collection" books

    I've just bought a set for my band, and the biggest issue is just the change (away from the books that we're used to and fond of), not necessarily the arrangements! The euphonium part has the tune and the accompaniment on it and can be quite tricky to read/figure out what you're supposed to...
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    Solo Cornet, Eb Bass and Bb Bass! South Yorkshire

    Deepcar Brass Band (3rd section as of 2019) are looking for a couple of players to complete their line up! We're after a confident solo cornet player and a bass of each variety. We rehearse every Monday and Friday 7.15pm - 9.15pm in Deepcar, Sheffield. Contact MD Cathryn on...