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    Players' behaviour on stage

    I can't believe this is even being discussed. I think that Paul Duffy is an inspiration for the next generation of soloists in the banding movement. He comes across on stage as being confident and more importantly enjoying every minute of being sat in the seat he has worked hard for. We all take...
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    Scottish Open '10- Open Adjudication!

    It is a set work by Simon Dobson which as I know is available from September Jo x
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    Scottish Open '10- Open Adjudication!

    When I told our band on Thursday about the changes for this year it added a new element of excitement to the whole event. I think it's interesting and as always in Scotland, trying something new. We can't wait for it Jo x
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    Paddy's Spring Festival 2010

    And we sent our confirmation off this week, roll on Blackpool Jo x
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    Easington Open Rehearsal

    On Tuesday 24th November the Easington Colliery Band will be holding an open rehearsal at the Easington Colliery Methodist Church. In addition to rehearsing the test piece for the upcoming Scottish Open contest we will be playing a selection of music from our new CD. Entry is free and...
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    buying a new flugel horn

    I have played on a Courtois Flugel for about 10 years but the band bought a new one and I asked for a Yamaha one. Easy to play, light and good up a height, the sound takes a bit of time to get to that of a Courtois but overall I am very happy with the Yamaha and would thoroughly recommend it Jo x
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    Scottish Open/Shield/Cup/Youth 2009

    Good to hear it Dan, loving the odds on us to win 350/1, worth £1 of my hard earned money Jo xx
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    Land o Burns 2009

    We did Fanfare and Flourishes, A Time for Peace (horn solo), Portuguese Party, Alladale from Hymn of the Highlands and finished with Visions (a new piece by Gareth Westwood which the band loved) Jo x
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    Land o Burns 2009

    Yeah we tried challenging brass but with the other pieces we wanted to do it was about the timing and mix of pieces Jo x
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    Land o Burns 2009

    How could anyone once they had heard or played Portuguese Party consider any other piece, a classic in anyone's eyes!! Seriously though we considered the timing of pieces before choosing which one would be best and Simon called Peter was far too long for an entertainment contest Jo x
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    Land o Burns 2009

    Another fab contest this year. Easington as always enjoyed our trip north for the weekend and were made to feel welcome by everyone. Looking forward to next year already, still can't get Portuguese Party out of my head Jo x
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    Spectrum - Senior trophy 2009

    On a more amusing note, im sure it was written as the soundtrack to a night out. Starting with the semi quavers which is downing the first drink, through the lap dance in Orange, the cheeky kiss in Yellow, the lull of Green and then the build up to the ending with Indigo being the takeaway...
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    Plants potted at Hebden Bridge

    Finally after all those years of trying Planty has managed to get out of playing! A smidge extreme though. Hope he's ok. Best of luck to the band for the weekend, possibly see some of you on Sunday, I'm coming down for the top section Jo x
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    Scottish Open 2008

    Another Scottish Open, and another great weekend over the border for us. Really enjoyed the contest this weekend and loved the bar not running out of beer this year! Not the result we wanted but hey thats contesting, onards and upwards. And thanks to Graham who I see has sung our praises for the...
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    Easington Colliery Band in Concert

    The Easington Colliery Band presents a night of music from around the world featuring Northallerton Male Voice Choir. The concert is at Elvet Methodist Church, Durham and starts at 7:30pm on Saturday 8th November. Tickets £6. Available on the door Jo x