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    Practice Mutes

    I'll refer the thread to a previous answer: The basic misunderstandings between silent brass, maslet and dw practice mutes still exists. Each for their own purpose. . . . .
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    Help needed with finger flexibility

    A couple of points: Firstly, make sure that you aim for accuracy and not speed. The mistake most players make is to try and play to fast too early. Make sure your fingers are abosolutely solid before increasing the tempo. Second, I always recommend the Allen Vizzuti books for finger...
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    Salaried Private Music Teachers?

    I also think you'll find that things are changing a lot at the moment. As government cuts start to squeeze local authorities I think you will see more music services firstly cut full time staff by making them part-time (already know of a couple of authorities where this has happened) and...
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    The "smiling" embouchure - advice needed!

    Getting an experienced teacher to look at it is a good idea. However, go to someone who has been through embouchure issues themselves in the past. Teachers who themselves have been 'natural' players all their lives may not have the experience you need to fix any problem. Before worrying too...
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    Home practise tubas

    Even if you could afford 2 top quality instruments it is well known that valved brass instruments of any make/model have tuning issues for which the player needs to compensate. There are variations in tuning even with instruments of identical make and model. Ideally you would practice on the...
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    School of Rock...

    Good topic, not thought it through but there would definately be something by PJBE in there from me. Oh and some Tower of Power, His Majesty's Sackbutt and Cornetts. Would have to be a mix of jazz, brass, classics, pop etc.
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    Is tMP's time passing?

    As someone who has been here (on and off) since the very beginning I think there are a couple of issues at play. Firstly, online resources in general are much more plentiful than say 5 years ago. I still only have the same amount of time to devote and therefore a natural 'dilution' takes place...
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    Attaining Perfect Pitch

    Guys, just came across this short and informative vid on perfect pitch. Seems relevant to this conversation . . . .
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    Case for a Rath R4

    BAM Classic. Don't go for the BAM Ultra-light as it's not anything like as good. I prefer the BAM to Protec as they're a bit lighter and less bulky. However if you're going to be flying with it then you'll need something more solid than either of these.
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    Is it too much to ask for? 'New Music'??

    Have to say that's not my experience at all :( Normally they don't reply, if they do it's to say no. I even had one occasion when I had spoken to the composer got their permission/backing only for Music Sales to decline it - crazy.
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    Stamina for Brass Players

    I did a tour with the aforementioned. For gigs/concerts he just pulled the instrument out of the case and played - in fact we all did. . .. . .now where was that stuff I read about warm ups ;)
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    Attaining Perfect Pitch

    I think this highlights the vagueness of the whole area. I do actually know people who have been affected, Similarly I also know people who seem to have a partial perfect pitch in that they can identify some notes and not others . . . . . Is anyone aware of any definitive research on the...
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    Music Education Cutbacks

    :) Yeah that too!
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    Stamina for Brass Players

    Erm, no it doesn't. Apart from agreeing with others about breath control I get frustrated by people who say you must practice this way or you need to do these exercises. It's not true. The only practice you need to do is the stuff that's right for you, that meets your goals. No two people are...
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    Attaining Perfect Pitch

    Why would you want it anyway? Good relative pitch is much more useful. Having played a lot of early music with mean tone tuning and A not equalling 440hz I consider myself lucky not to have perfect pitch. I've know some people with it really struggle with strange tunings/pitches that you get...