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    Help identify cornet

    Thanks everyone so far: French-Courtois imported to Chapells The 1872 is still vague I’ve found one other from similar era but no exact match The charity who owns it is going to put it on eBay Still researching
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    Help identify cornet

    Thanks Tom that has started me on a trail. If anybody can add I’d be happy.
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    Help identify cornet

    Hi all the attached photo is the bell of what I think is an old cornet. Anybody got any ideas what it could be? Thanks
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    New "Christmas Collection" books

    Some good additions and some not so good. Some rearranging that hasn't worked (imho) but why no short score for. Conductors? Yes you can use the piano book but it doesn't cover the back of the book. The last few have no numbers just a moan when your being told the next piece. Overall though a...
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    What do the contest rules say?
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    Um-Chucks - and getting simple stuff RIGHT

    I think the main reason for not tapping your foot has been mentioned earlier. If you always expect a regular beat from the conductor then he/she has no room for any nuance they may wish to include in the performance. Out of a matter of interest do you continue to tap your foot during a rall or...
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    There is an echo cornet piece on the Sibelius music site Don't know the quality Also 'clear skies' has an echo in it that might work
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    Schneewaltzer Lyrics help!

    I think they are on the vocal / conductors copy
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    Band secretaries - what tools/programs do you use?

    How about clocking in Then issue each with a stop watch to record how much they play!!!
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    Band secretaries - what tools/programs do you use?

    Tracking attendance is vital. On another thread it is mentioned how some bands support players, by tracking attendance you can quickly see if someone's attendance has dropped. Give them a call etc. to let them know we haven't forgotten them.
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    YAMAHA - Complete Cornet/Trumpet/Flugel Horn Model and Serial List

    I know this is an older thread but I've just bought an Eb sop with third valve trigger any idea which model it would be?
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    Brexit Goodies

    Apparently the referendum is not legally binding It has to made clear that the referendum is binding before the event.
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    midlands Area Contest.

    This brings up the old chestnut Of priorities Great parking, food area, rehearsal facilities etc. but playing acoustic?? No doubt a successful and appropriate venue from all aspects is difficult to find but they must be out there.