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    What pieces would you like to see at the 2020 areas?

    Personal choice to play and listen to would be breath of souls.. you never know!!
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    slow movements from great test pieces

    His first breath... from breath of souls. Beautiful piece!
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    Sold/Expired Saxophone search...

    Hi all Bit random but really fancy trying out a sax.. So if anyone has one they want to either lend/sell then get in touch below or via pm Thanks Chris
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    Loosing our Band room.

    Might be a long shot but you could try crowd funding. Or writing to local large businesses to see if they have any free space. Often they are happy that it is being used as it can make it more secure.
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    Bb bass looking for band in west midlands

    Hi all Looking for a band, near Dudley. All sections considered, just contact me on 07972810420 to discuss further or message on here Thanks Chris
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    Bb bass player west midlands looking for band

    Hi Recently moved to area, looking for friendly sociable band 2nd to top section. Pm me with info please. Thanks Chris
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    Sold/Expired Uniforms for sale

    Cant believe your finally selling them!!! Lol!
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    The Barbecue Season

    sweet chilli chicken kebabs always a winner and defo bacon - very tasty!!
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    What is your least favourite piece of music?

    Instant Concert certainly ranks up there!! What about Light as Air? But worst for me recently has to be "Keep Smiling Through" and "Barnard Castle" mainly cos i have had to play them to death ;) Plus being a Bass player, anything quiet is a waste of time, bring on the loud stuff and let it rip!!!!!
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    Butlins 2011

    results are up on 4br (well top 4 placings anyway!). well done Dronfield!!
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    Freezing slides and valves when carol playing

    we played a couple of weeks ago at local supermarket, around -10 degrees. slides on basses and trombones were constantly sticking. Ended up doing relays into shop to warm them up enough to play another carol then run back in!!!! Thank god the pub had a nice hot open fire!!!!!! ;)
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    Was I hearing things?

    lol sounded like slaidburn to me ;) but even better I'm looking forward to seeing the field of horses running towards Lord Sugar soon......
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    Leamington Contest 2010

    Di - more concerning is that it will need a Wetherspoons ;););) But ultimately your right, we should be glad it is continuing!
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    Leamington Contest 2010

    U.M. - does that apply to me too????? lol dont be late tomorrow!!! ha ha ;)
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    Armistice Day and marches

    Slaidburn and Westward Ho. Nice short march so Slaidburn on way and Westward Ho on way back. Always good to hear it booming back off the shops lol!!!