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    Peter Roberts to retire....

    Ah, Prof. Blaster - your user name sounds like you're putting yourself forward for the job....Have you found a sop lying around and had a little go?
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    4barsrest band of the year

    Ah, Verbal. I thought just like that, and you were gone? However, I do believe that the FBI are still after you - so I would lay low again. However, your re-emergance was needed, as your point does seem to hit the nail on t'head. I do believe that people on this thread are making some very...
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    Players Pay Scale

    oh dear Perhaps - however, but as with football (to use the analogy again), if you have a dodgy ref/adjuicator, or result, then what difference does it make as to WHO is the manager or conductor? If Sheffield Wednesday went out and played today - and lost - and the ref was having a 'bad'...
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    Fantasy Brass Band

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist
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    Fantasy Brass Band

    Re: Kings Lynn I think you should all leave Johnny 'fun bags' Doyle alone. He is my favourite. He is the best. I love him. Johnny Johnny johnny, ra ra ra.x
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    Arrangers/Composers - Up and comers!!

    I saw Peter in Glasgow at the weekend. Several of his pieces (including his new euphonium concerto - recorded on David Thornton's new CD) are now available from Prima Vista - their website is I'm sure if you want any more info about him you could e-mail or...
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    Black Dyke concert in Hornchurch

    Blaster, You obviously play for the world famous Black Dyke Band... Are you trying to say that, even though you have a very very busy concert and recording schedule, you still have clever, innovative programmes, that vary from concert to concert? I have always admired Dyke for the way...
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    Orange Juice

    Hello Why don't you PM John Doyle (Wohse user name s JD I think - if not PM me and I will contact him for you) - as I'm pretty sure that he has performed it many times with the world famous BDB. Failing this, try Children of Sanchez - it's a great piece and a real challenge to the soloist...
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    Owen Farr

    Owen is my hero. He is an amazing player and a very special guy. I heard him play in Manchester once, what a sound!
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    Who's going to win the Scottish Open?

    I'm going for Sellers. I think that they are a class outfit - and they have the boy, Mark Bousie on euph. I think that he is an absolutely stunning player and perhaps one of the nicest, kindest guys you could ever meet.
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    Wales Vs England who will be in the pub on sunday morning???

    It seems as though there is a lot of Welsh men who need to come back to reality!!! It could be said tha you are living in a Parallel Reality to the rest of the world!!! Quite clearly, England are the best team in the world. As for the NZ game, do you think that NZ even turned up...
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    Who's the best 2nd Baritone on the scene?

    Too true, Yourmothersfatandold (is she?!). The whole section is the best - a real team - I think the section hugs they have before every concert show a real team spirit.
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    The Dyke

    I think that it's clear to everyone that Dyke are the best. I have already gone on record as saying that G. Daniel (2nd Baritone) is fantastic and good lucking, but he is also a true motivator - the section hugs are a prime example. I also think that the Flugel player (is his name John Doyle?)...
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    Who's the best 2nd Baritone on the scene?

    For me it's Gaz Daniel at Black Dyke Band. Not only for his playing ability, but he is pretty good looking too! What do you think?