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    Luis Suarez Charity Concert

    Sine Om Nom Nomine. Oh dear....
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    Paddy's Scottish Area - 2013

    Thanks Dave. Yes, Mountain Views was a terrible choice for the 1st section, that much is certain. Going from Mountain Views to HM (via Vivat) was always going to be a mammoth challenge, but we put the hard work in, enjoyed the pain and hopefully didn't disgrace ourselves yesterday. We were...
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    D&M Brass Band (Scotland)

    Slight change to the above post. We currently have vacancies for: 1) Principal OR Assistant Principal Cornet 2) Eb bass OR Tenor trombone. Thanks.
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    The first errata is now on the Kapitol website. Looks like we need a new clock.....
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    Great piece. Light years away from 'Mountain Views'. However, is anyone else finding discrepancies between the score and the parts? :mad:
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    Sold/Expired Schagerl 'Aglaea' Flugel for sale

    Schagerl Aglaea Bb flugelhorn for sale. Only 1 year old. Condition - as new, immaculate. Matt lacquer finish. Ideal for all kinds of brass playing (jazz/big band, brass band, chamber group). Beautiful looking instrument, very similar to Yamaha Maestro flugel in terms of playing - it's slightly...
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    Whitburn Band - Scotland

    Whitburn Band (Championship section, West Lothian) currently have the following vacancies: Assistant principal cornet Tutti cornet For more details, please send a PM.
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    4 Bars Rest interview.

    Congratulations. You have just offended 17 bands in one post! Quite an achievement for someone who is so 'Super' that they choose to remain anonymous. Well done you :clap:
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    Paddy's British Open - 2010

    You have misunderstood. The results were not the surprise. Iain means the post-contest reaction from the MD's. The results from Troon as well as this year and last year's Open have been accepted by all the players with 100% dignity. Why wouldn't they be? Like every other band in the land, we...
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    Finals Pieces Announced Sounds great.
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    Dalkeith & Monktonhall vacancies

    Dalkeith & Monktonhall Band - Scotland Dalkeith & Monktonhall Band (2010 Scottish 2nd section champions, 2008 Scottish 3rd section champions, 2005 & 2008 Scottish Challenge Cup winners) currently have vacancies for the following players: Front row cornet Bass trombone Percussionist All...
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    Scottish Open/Shield/Cup/Youth 2009

    I heard them. I didn't think much to their piece, but I thought the playing was outstanding. Their whole trombone section were very impressive, as was the soprano, and the conductor seemed to have total control throughout. Many congrats to them!
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    Scottish Regional Championships - 2009

    Difficult to seperate the top 5. Dark horse: Shergar.