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    Sold/Expired Bach 12 Megatone wanted

    Does anybody have a Bach 12 Megatone tuba mouthpiece hanging around that they no longer want?
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    Hello all, Has anyone got any contact details for goldchops? After getting my mouthpiece gold plated, but the website isn't work? Thanks, Matt.
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    Bell's Palsy

    I came down with Bell's palsy in the beginning of January 2014, and was back playing 1 week before the area, due to some unseen moves in the band. I've got everything back, but when really tired I suffer a bit, but nothing to stop me playing. Been playing every since, I was on 50mg of steroids a...
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    Tuba cup mute cases?

    They are a pain. The BBb ones are around 23inches... So the size of a drum kit bass drum! We got Peter gane ones, right thought out, as needed horn and euph bucket mutes as well! £££!!
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    Tuba cup mute cases?

    Hello all, Just a question really does anybody know if people make cases for tuba cup mutes? We have just got some as needed for spiriti at the finals, and for putting on the coach etc we don't really want to damage them, as sure we will only use them once in a blue moon! Any help appreciated...
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Yamaha Eb bass

    Hey guys, im putting this bass back on the market if anyone is interested. Looking for £3500. cheers!
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Yamaha Eb bass

    Hey guys, The time has come for me to sell my Eb bass. Its a yamaha maestro, in silver plate. I got it brand new from trevada music last July. So its 18months old, and iv played it for about 8months of the 18months as i have gone back onto BBb. Its in great condition, just a few scatches on the...
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    Im allergic to metal and have been having my mouthpieces plated by Luke for nearly 2-3years now. Couldn't recommend it any higher. Nice and comfy to play on, looks smart, great job. Works wonders for me!
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    Sold/Expired For sale: Bossey and hawkes 19inch imperial Eb bass

    Hey all! Taken the decision to sell my 19inch imperial in gold. It's in great condition for its age, few dents here and there, mainly on the bottom bow. Blows really well, all slides and valves work great, currently playing it in championship level banding and does a great job. It still has a...
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    Sold/Expired Tuba Mouthpieces for sale

    Hey guys, Got a VB7 and an alliance H1 Prestige for sale! Both in good condition, must of used them both for about 2 months, if that! PM with offers. Need to get rid of them now, not doing anything Cheers Matt
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    Weston Super Mare contest

    St Keverne won 2nd section iv herd mate! and Paul Villers pick up soloist prize!
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    Bands on Twitter

    We at the Cornwall youth brass band are pretty new to it all! Please follow @Thecybb we will follow back! Cheers guys :-)
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: Bach BBb bass gigbag

    Gigbag is now sold. Cheers guys.
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: Bach BBb bass gigbag

    Hey all! Got a new shape synthetic Bach BBb bass gigbag i brought about a year ago, used for a year, in great nick for sale! Its the new versions so zip around the bell rather than down the middle, A lot better i think myself! If your interested give me a PM for more details and make me an...
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    SWBBA Torquay 2012 Results?

    We at Camborne town played Phillip sparked Partita :-)