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    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

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    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

    Surely instead of going completely off topic, we should be enjoying the exposure bands are finally regaining on TV? Even though the show is on S4C, many from my home (Cornwall) have heard about this and are following, even some non brass musicians. I find it disheartening that we constantly moan...
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    Welsh Area Contest, what a joke this year

    I literally couldn't see the problem with the venue myself, had everything you need within the facility. Yes the hall was dry, but surely that gives a fairer representation of a performance than a hall that hides practically all the detail? No complaints here!
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    Euro 2014

    Any idea when the test piece for the Europeans is announced? Getting far too excited here...
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    Whit Friday 2013

    I certainly hope so!!
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    Whit Friday 2013

    I went and had a blow with the mighty "Tartan Brass" at the weekend, needless to say it got blimmin cold at 10pm in a kilt! What a contest though, first time I've been, and one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. Great laugh!
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2013

    I believe we aren't competing at Weston this year, but Cheltenham will be my last with the band as off to RWCMD in September. Are you off to Cheltenham? :) Maybe see you up there! And the band have been promoted :) Well done for the performance last weekend, I didn't have you where you finished.
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    Band Pieces with Narration

    The ones that come to mind Zulu- Battle of Rorke Drift Battle of Trafalgar Barbarian Horde Sure there are loads more though...
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    The Hot Canary

    Hello tMPers... Was wondering if anyone knew whether the Hot Canary has been released for general sale? Or if anyone knows where I could get hold of it? Something I've wanted to have a plug at for a while. Cheers now!
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    Paddy's Yeovil - 2013

    *Best Soloist-Charlie Hodge (Camborne) -xylophone
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    Paddy's West of England Area - 2013

    I wish Chalford the best of luck for the forthcoming areas, I'll be up there for a listen! And Simon, you are very correct...
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    Euphonium Quartet

    Hello all, I am forming a Euphonium quartet in Cornwall and was wondering if anyone knew of any good sites of music for this ensemble, or may be able to help us directly with music. Thank you all!