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    salvation army bands, young men and alcohol

    How do you differentiate between "social" drinking and unsocial drinking? Major George whittingham
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    The G Bass Trombone

    I still have the G trombone that Horace passed on to me, it's hanging on my garden fence, together with an EEb bass and cornet. The sound produced on this instrument from a competent player was a full, probably more "brassy" sound than modern instruments. Preference? I still think the old "G"...
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    Ronald Harrison and an ISB question

    JV16 I'm still alive and very active. what a lovely surprise to read your message. I'm still living on the memories of CMI(both occasions) Now let me clear up a few points of interest. The L.P. featuring Norman Tolliday and John Cobb was a live recording made in a vast arrena in Toronto in...