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    Area test pieces 2010

    hi matt i think harrisons dream was used in the champ section for either the areas or finals not so long ago, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, so i dont think they would use that, plus i think it made an appearance in the euros aswell, good piece though year of the dragon for 4th section would be...
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    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble - vacancies

    wheres all the trombone players? im really struggling to commit right now and i really want to have at least 1 if not 2 trombone players come along. 1 bass n 1 tenor if possible if you want any info on the band then let me know, or if you fancy going down to the band for a blast then go for...
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    Brighouse March Contest

    i 2nd what leisa asked
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    Brighouse March Contest

    is the full list of bands anywhere? i want to know where everyone got placed great result for huddersfield + ripponden brass and lindley band aswell, just what those 2 bands really needed! thought lindley deserved their place, it was a neat n tidy performance, and if the dynamics range had...
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    Hebden Bridge March Contest/Heritage Weekend

    nicely done contest again, and yet again, great to have a job where im the only member of h.a.r.b.e. who can walk to the contest! lol bring it on again next year guys, dont suppose theres a full list of the placings of all the bands is there? if there is please post it on here btw did...
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    Brass in Ripon 2009

    i'll get slated here, but i aint sure if the host city should be able to field its own band in its own contest this contest is pretty well run on the whole, its had 1 of the most musically knowledged guys on the planet as the adjudicator, and its very much a venue which is a challenge to play...
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    Lordsmere March Contest

    3rd and best basses, and yet after we played, we thought our best chance of a prize was for our hymn tune lol weather was really nice, just right for a band contest, bring it on next year, hopefully harbe will win next time :biggrin:
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    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble - vacancies

    after a good stint with the band, Granville Parker has left us for banding pastures closer to his home always put in a great effort at rehearsals and jobs and from me and the rest of harbe, we wish granville all the best for the future this then opens up a fresh vacancy at harbe on the...
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    Ball or Vinter?

    i prefer vinter, dont like many of balls pieces
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    Trombone beginner

    theres a quad trombone where the slide positions are about half the length you'd have to go on a full sized 1 or just use a student sized Bb trombone, only really need 7th on 1 of them for bottom Db/C# i started on a vincent bach trombone with a denis wick mouthpiece, worked fine while i was...
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    23rd Annual Pogson Bray Trust Contest 2009

    howdy from HARBE! some interesting stuff today, it was my 1st listen of new world sketches, not your everyday normal test piece, good piece to listen to! have to say i liked grange moors mephy, good sound and style was nice to hear royal mile suite, hadnt heard or played it ever since i...
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    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble - vacancies

    New Era, New M.D., New Times for Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble! After a solid performance and an unlucky result and outcome at Bradford, we need a couple of players to come and complete our team as we have plans to hit the 4th section contests by storm this year Our area...
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

    GUTTED! is just 1 of the words to describe how i feel after this mornings result hudds n ripp were happy with how they performed today, but could only muster 4th funnily enough the 3 bands who beat us were the 3 bands who i didnt get to hear, bands 1 and 2 (maltby and linthwaite) and the...
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

    mark wears does it again, well done mate!
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    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

    yes garry i think 4br do base their predictions on recent contest results and then any other band who has been promoted or relegated i unfortunately missed tonights rehearsal having had to take today off work and miss a game of 10pin bowling aswell, it was due to be a busy day, only to be...