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    'New Christmas Praise' vs 'Christmas Collection' - A comparison of carol books

    A few years ago the Sally Army released another set of carol books under the name "Christmas Collection" [CC]. Considering many bands out there still use the "New Christmas Praise" [NCP] red books, I wondered how these two books compare. I went through each of the versions for my part (Eb...
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    L&SC Regional Contest cancelled - What next?

    As many of you will no doubt be aware, the Regional Committee for the L&SC Region have made the decision to cancel next weekend's (21/22 March) contest. See announcement on their website homepage I anticipate that there are numerous reactions to this news, ranging from begrudging acceptance...
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    Whit Friday

    I assume that would be "And Now For Something Completely Different", a Monty Python themed scratch band with the majority of players based near York. And also me with my Wessex "Bubbie" Eb Tuba and a parrot on my shoulder. (Unless there was another Monty Python band out and about) That would...
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    New Moulded Cases (Eb Bass)

    Hello tMp I have a very old tuba (1920s Boosey & Co.) whose original case has completely collapsed into nothing-ness. I would love to find a way of getting a proper moulded hardcase, with wheels!! Does anyone know of a company or individual who does this kind of thing? Cheers!
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    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    Thanks! We definitely did. Now to start planning next years theme...
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    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    And sod it - My phone has auto-corrected 'Monty' to 'Month'. Damn! If a moderator ever sees this - A title change would be most appreciated!
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    Whit Friday - The Monty Python Scratch Band

    So, after a personal absence of 6 or so years, I managed to finally get back to Whit Friday with 'And Now For Something Completely Different" - A scratch band with a Monty Python Music & Fancy Dress Theme. I had an awesome day, but was wondering if the Mouthpiece community could help me out...
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    Servicing & Repairs near SW London - Where?

    Hello tMP! It's been a while since I've posted on here, which, unfortunately, is closely linked to the length of time I haven't played my Eb Bass. As a result, it has suffered some neglect and needs some TLC. Does anyone know of anyone who does servicing and repair work near S.W. London for a...
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    L&SC Regional Championships - 2009

    Well, after the 4BR "kiss-of-death" we still managed to finish 4th. I think the audible "Aww" noise from the entire band at the result wasn't really appreciated in the auditorium... :-? But, it's always nice to be much further away from the relegation places ;-) Congrats everyone, and see you...
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    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Thanks for that, but Tilbury is a hell of a long way to go for rehearsal from SW london, espcially playing Eb Bass without a car ;) As it happens, I've started playing with Fulham Brass Band. Thanks for all the suggestions, and I'll be sure to come to tMP first if I ever am changing location...
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    National Finals 2008 - 3rd Section Test Piece : Suite for Brass

    Hehe ;-) I'm not arguing about 5th place, Paul! Thanks Brian! It was a very intense week for everyone, but it did produce a great result for us. Trying to organise a bunch of students (and the odd graduate) rehearsing the week before term starts is a difficult task, so many thanks to our...
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    What's the oddest concert you've ever played?

    I played on outdoor gig in Norway with a youth (wind :-S) band, and it was raining so hard that we had to fit under the overhang of a nearby building. It didn't help that it was an L shape! Half the band going to the right of the conductor, half going backwards. I couldn't even see the Trumpets...
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    Which university for brass?

    I did loads of music at the University of Warwick, but didn't do a music degree. Mainly because there isn't one! There is an awesome music centre, with loads of ensembles, including the brass band [off to Harrogate this year, 3rd section finals :-D ] It's a great place to do a non-music degree...
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    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Cheers Owen Also received one other response, but Northfleet is a hell of a long way from Wimbledon! ;-) Am really busy until the start/middle of August, and will respond to people then to see what their current Bass situation is. Cheers!
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    Eb Bass player looking for band - SW london area

    Hello tMP. I have just left the University of Warwick, and have moved back home. I was wondering if there were any bands in the SW london area who could do with a Eb Bass player? I have only ever played with the Uni of Warwick band, who are 3rd section. I doubt I'd be good enough for many...