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    1st Flemish Open

    Yes we had a great party in Mechelen, was a great trip to Mechelen!! Maybe we come back another time to Mechelen...
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    The Princess and the Poet

    Hy, Im searching for a piece called The Princess and the Poet by Eric Ball. Anyone has a record on MP3, or knows a CD-record with this piece? Please tell me, thanks!
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    Soprano Cornets

    OK, thats a personally thing, everyone should play which is the best for it... I'm content with the sound of my shilke...
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    Soprano Cornets

    Hmmm... I am really surprised about this info... I personally play a Shilke withouth a berilium bell...:-(
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    Soprano Cornets

    I thought Peter Roberts has a Shilke with berilium?! I was allowed to play with his Shilke...8)
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    Results Swiss Brass Band Championships 2004

    Championship-Section: 1. BB Treize Etoiles (96/94) 2. Brassband Berner Oberland (95/92) 3. Eensemble de Cuivres Valaisan (94/91) 4. Brass Band Fribourg (92/93) 5. Bürgermusik Luzern BML (88/96) 6. Oberaargauer Brass Band (87/95) 7. Ensemble de Cuivres Melodia (91/90) 8. Entlebucher Brass...
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    Save Manger Folk High School - please read

    me too! EYBB03 I have signed!
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    Peter Roberts to leave YBS for Dyke

    sorry... im so confused... I don't saw the other thread...
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    Peter Roberts to leave YBS for Dyke

    Im very surprised....!!
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    T-Shirt Slogon

    :? :evil: plonk
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    T-Shirt Slogon

    'NO, I don't play Tuba...'
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    The Best Soprano Cornet Player

    The one and only... PETER ROBERTS
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    The person before...

    ^Will play for anyone for money!!
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    IMPORTANT - new tMP Application & Migration phase II

    Cool :D tmp-Team you make good work!!
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    World BB Championships 2005 in Kerkrade (NL)

    It would be interesting who is going to kerkrade... we will see... Whish you a successful new season with Eikanger and Manger Folkehøgskule