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    Introducing a newbie to TMP

    Haha - it was shameless - but Garry told Rob to do it - and Rob obviously told me, what with him being a bit of a technophobe. It would be great if you can play at Bramham - shall I put you down on the list officially? S xxx
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    Tea, coffee or Coke? Uni or multi coloured pegs?

    I'm not sure my painted wooden pegs adorned with farm animals are the most professional things in the world, but they're prettty, they do the job, and between myself, the first Bari, and the Eb Bass player, we've got quite a menagerie going on. Find me some magnets that are as exciting and I...
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    Introducing a newbie to TMP

    Helloo, Kelly - why would you be referred to as anything other than lover??? I am the wife around here - and it will be me who's claiming £24m from Garry when he wants to divorce me and marry you - haha!!! :clap: How are you my dear? S xxx
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    Bass Trom looking for band northeast

    Hi there, Wetherby Silver Band are looking for a Bass Trom player if you haven't already found somewhere. According to AA route planner Bishop Auckland is 58 miles from Wetherby (not too much over your specified mileage). If you are interested and would like to come down for a rehearsal...
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    Wetherby Silver Band seeks players

    Wetherby Silver Band have just recruited a new MD, Mr Roy Roe. COME AND JOIN US IN THESE EXCITING TIMES!!! We are seeking enthusiastic players in the following positions: Trombone Principal Euphonium Cornets BBb Bass Get in touch to register your interest, or visit our website...
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    Wetherby Silver Band seeks players

    Wetherby are happy to announce the recruitment of Roy Roe as MD :clap: Wetherby Silver Band are pleased to welcome Roy Roe as our new Musical Director, with immediate effect. We're really looking forward to working with Roy and are confident about the future of the band. If you'd like to...
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    Introducing a newbie to TMP

    Hello all, It has only taken me around 5 years or something but eventually I'm now a signed up member of TMP - be kind!!:)
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    Hi everyone, just to say I've registered, hoping I can become a bit of a regular on Tmp now I'm at a computer all day everyday. I play 2nd Euphononium for Wetherby Silver, and yes, in case you were wondering by my dodgy signature, we need a couple of players.....get in touch if you're...