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    Definition of a Silver Band

    tubafran do you know anything about Yorkshire Main Band, I know of Killamarsh as I was born in South Yorks. My grandad Elisha Groves played cornet and later horn for the above band circa 1924, they won a contest at Crystal Palace too, grandad winning a new cornet! Now just to show I am on the...
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    Elisha Grove. Yorkshire Main Band

    Hi friends My grandad played for the Yorkshire Main colliery band. In the 1920's they won twice in the Manchester Bellvue championships.the same year. July 15th and Sept 6th anyone know which year in the 20's this was? He played a cornet and fugal horn. Have photo showing wooden shield with...
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    Finding Help from New Friends

    Hi:D I am a cornet player, just started playing last August and found a place in the local band. Grandad had a cornet presented to him at Crystal Palace years ago. It was stolen later. Put your handkerchiefs away !! Hoping the internet can give me some clues as to its whereabouts. lintie:oops: