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    Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

    Have also tried John Myatt with no luck!
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    iPhone case

    The Zagg one I recommended isn't exactly a screen protector .... it goes round the whole phone and it is pretty much indestructible but invisible. Have a look here.
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    iPhone case

    Get a Zagg invisishield I got mine in Carphone warehouse, and it covers the the whole phone. I had one on my 3GS. Dropped it loads (I am clumsy), not a mark on it. It IS fiddly to apply, but if you follow the instructions and watch a...
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    Sold/Expired For sale - denis wick heritage cornet mouthpiece 3

    How much would the postage be? Might be interested as I sold mine when I got my braces on, but they're coming off in a few weeks and I'd quite like to go back to it. Already have a 5b and 4b DW heritage!
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    Degeneration of banding today

    Except that, like me, you don't have to say which band you belong to. A lot of the more provocative posters I have encountered on this forum over the past 5 years have chosen not to reveal which band they belong to. Banding is such a small community and with events like Butlins that are on the...
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2012

    Yeah, I played in the first, but listened to 6 bands in the 2nd section and 3 in the championship section. If it had been much more for a ticket I might not have been so keen to shell out. However, I only managed to listen to one performance of Mountain Snooze.
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    Today I became a Dad!

    Congratulations :)
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2012

    Or a red flag....
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    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2012

    It's not as if he's hard to miss!! (being 6 foot 4 and carrying a tuba....)
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    Paddy's Albert Hall - 2012

    What odds would you give on that being the exact order the bands place in on the day?! :biggrin:
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    Outside of banding.

    Outside of band I like to go to the gym. A lot :) Step on Mondays (just started this as I used to do rehearsals on a Monday until recently), Body Conditioning and Aquafit on on a Tuesday, Body Attack on a Thursday and more Aquafit on a Saturday. Plus extra sessions of swimming etc when I fancy...
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    Cancelled Area Contests?!?!

    Jersey Premier being a case in point!!
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    Forgive me if I have misunderstood, but I wasn't authorised to follow that feed but I saw every comment. Purely because the poster made a quite personal comment about a bandsman I know (not even about Butlins at this point!), and was subsiquently reposted by someone I actually follow on Twitter...
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    Red Elvis wasn't being patronising, he genuinely was under the impression you were still a teenager. Not from anything you wrote, but he just (wrongly) made the assumption (as I did) that you were around the same age as Jonny Bates.
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    Brass band members targeted with 'abusive' tweets

    I read all of the tweets, as someone I know (who is connected to a top band in the north) retweeted a comment linked to someone I know personally, and then I clicked on the the user to get the whole story. I didn't 'follow' them though, so there is definitely more than 200 people who saw them...