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    Gap in Range

    A friend had this on their Prestige cornet (early model not the newer one) on 'top' Bb. The only way you could play it was on open. A few players tried and had the same problem on that instrument (even tried with different mouthpieces v same mouthpiece). They eventually took it to a shop and...
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    Paddy's London & Southern Counties Area - 2013

    I think a huge congratulations to the organising team should be mentioned. Everything just seemed to flow this year with little delay. Not sure about the new layout of the venue, the venue staff didn't seem to know what to do. Trying to get out of the 4th section results ready to play in the...
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    Errata Saddleworth Festival Overture

    Yes sorry, the new set is right. Agreed a cracking piece.
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    Errata Saddleworth Festival Overture

    There were a couple of cornet parts that had a quaver rest missing somewhere in a 12/8 section. Off the top of my head I can't remember where.
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    Errata Saddleworth Festival Overture

    We had an old set lent to us before our purchased set arrived. In the old set it was crotchet = 84-88. In the new set it is quaver = 84-88 which I am informed by the publisher is the correct marking.
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    Met someone with a famous name?

    Richard Hammond, Solo Euph at Woodbridge
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    Scaba autumn contest at Folkstone October 2009

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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    Scaba autumn contest at Folkstone October 2009

    Hi, I've found the dates for Hove and entertainment, but not next years Folkestone. Any ideas, just we've already had enquires for availability for concerts in October. Thanks
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    Boxted Methodist Silver Band, Essex - Vacancies

    Following our first contest for a number of years, BMSB are now looking to the future and require the following positions to be filled by dedicated players: 2nd Baritone 1 x Bb Cornet (position to be negotiated depending on ability, the section is quite willing to move around to accommodate...
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    Scaba autumn contest at Folkstone October 2009

    I agree, a really good day out. It was Boxted first contest for a number of years and despite being 8th we can't wait to go again. Everyone was helpful and friendly, and the written and verbal comments were very clear and encouraging for the third section. I also played in the second section...
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    Scaba autumn contest at Folkstone October 2009

    Boxted will be there, first contest for a few years. Alos Colchester will be there again this year.
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    Michael Jackson

    Discussing this in class this morning and one of the kids turned around and said something which has struck a chord (pardon the pun). "Sir. He might have been a pop-god and that, but at the end of the day he should died in prison where he belonged for what he did to them kids. If I do that in...
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    How to conduct (for an absolute beginner)

    Having just completed a part-time course with Ray Farr in conducting, I can well recommend a course, be it a day or two or longer. The pieces we were studying and conducting were challenging and having the opportunity to talk with the composers was a useful part of the course. Ray was very...