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    VBS Poynton Xmas Charity Concert, Fri 26th Nov, 7:30pm, St Georges Church, Poynton

    Did your band want to borrow me for an xmas concert in december? I was contacted a while ago but didn't know if I was free and now have lost all contact numbers as my phone is rubbish and went to be repaired - so now lost most of my contacts. Give me a call if you still need my help :) Tel...
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    Fire at Faireys?

    Can't believe how years of history kept in the bandroom like the certificates from contests dating back to 60's and all those photo's are just gone! gutted!!
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    English Nationals 2010

    . Thanks Andy - very nice of you to say
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    English Nationals 2010

    Cheers mate. We certainly had a few beers afterwards! Glad that testpiece is over! Hope Hammonds keep heading onwards and upwards!:D
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    Paddy's English Nationals 2010

    Well played to my band - proud to be a part of a winning team!!!
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    Whit Friday Results

    How did Eccles get on? Did well at Denton I hear - Well done!!
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    Whit Friday Results

    Yay!!! Looks like we have done well this year :):):clap:
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    We shall try our best! see you at the English Nationals!
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    Well done to Wingates for a great result! Good to see you in the frame for such a nice bunch of people. Well done to my band for putting in a good show...London here we come! Congrats to Fodens for winning again :) and Leyland for their qualification. Also well done to Eccles for a creditable...
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    Think Farnworth and Walkden were 3rd
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    North West Regional Championships - 2010

    Top section: top 4: Fodens Faireys Leyland Wingates
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    Brass At The Guild 2010.. who's going?

    Sale Brass I believe Sale Brass are going in the 4th section
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    Fleetwood - Oct 4th

    Any results yet?
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    National Championships Qualifiers - Fourth Section

    Good luck to all northwest representatives for the finals. Just over a week left and a few more rehearsals....then we can all enjoy the social side of banding for the rest of the week end :) Looking forward to catching up with friends from different areas and faces I have not seen for a long while!
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    Eccles Borough Band - vacancies

    Needed for finals: Eb Bass/Cornet and drummer Eccles Borough Band needthe following to complete their line up for finals and beyond: A strong Eb bass player at 4th/3rd section level or above, Solo cornet player and a drummer or possibly two. With a good mixture of concerts and contests, this...