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    2018 Area test pieces

    By this time last year people were confidently sharing views/ideas/rumours of potential area test piece, and this year it seems very quiet, so I thought I would start a thread. So what would people like to play, and what if anything have people heard?
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    Areas 2017 Happy with the results?

    Just out of interest who didn't your trusted friend hear and who would he/she have placed? I know from the adjudicators comments that it was the correct and different styles for each of the variations that they were wanting, and playing at the correct tempos. They specifically mentioned the...
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    Midlands Area Section Sizes

    Or promote the band that came first and then the one at the top of the table. The two bands being promoted from 4th section came 7th and 5th in the contest, meaning there are 4 or 5 bands whose performances were considered better, and yet they are still left down in the 4th section. Are these...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    What I don't understand is how two adjudicators can hear different things to each other, or have different ideas of how the piece should sound. Surely beforehand the 2 of them should agree on things like style/acceptable variations in tempo etc. A couple of years ago my daughter's band...
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    Midlands area entered bands

    When does the list of entered bands get announced for the Midlands area 2015? Some other areas are already displaying the list of bands for each section, but not the midlands, at least nothing on the MBBA website. Who is going? Anybody not going this year?
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    In reference to the pre draw part, so could the adjudicator for the 3rd section, because one band is proudly announcing the 3rd section draw on their website. :-?
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    So anybody know of any bands that have withdrawn? Cos it's probable that band 1 in 3rd section will play earlier than expected if any 4th section bands have withdrawn, and the same in the case of the 1st drawn band in the second section. If 2 bands were to withdraw in the 4th and a further 2...
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    This is one time when maybe it is best to be in a lower section band. Go, play, get results and be home by tea time ;-)
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    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    According to the LBBA website (presuming it is up to date), the unregistered section play in a different hall, to the 4th, because both sections are to start at 9 o'clock. Therefore you can take the unregistered bands, however many there may be, out of the...
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    Early Draw - Urban Myth or Fact?

    Well in the 4th section midlands area, the band drawn number 1, won. The other bands in the top 5 were drawn 3, 4 ..... 19, 20 out of 20 bands. So I guess the adjudicators listened for a few thought "yep, we know this piece now" and then had a snooze for the next 14 bands and then woke up...
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    ....... or look to see which pieces suddenly go up 25% in price later this week.
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    Do the Mildands Grading tables need to be rebalanced again ??!!

    Over the last couple of years the numbers of bands promoted/relegated has been changed from the standard two, to try to even out the higher sections in the grading tables, e.g. 4 were promoted from 4th, so 3 could be promoted from 3rd to 2nd to try to even the second section up in line with the...
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    Adjudicators / Players

    Yes, I'd heard this too - but surely bands would conduct from their own score, with all rehearsal marks on, and borrow a copy from another local band which will have that band's name on. So what the adjudicator will see is a score with a non-competing band's name on. At least that's what my...
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    Midland 4th Section *News Blackout*

    I know of another band that also was criticised for the tuning of the timps. Maybe they should have someone there who tunes them prior to each band coming on. I'm not saying any of the bands tried to sabotage another bands performance, but it does happen that adjustable slider can "accidently"...